Westworld Season 2 Super Bowl Ad Explained

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  • Xuất bản 05 Th02, 2018
  • What does the new trailer tell us about Westworld Season 2? Who are the masked men with Dolores? What do Maeve’s bulls mean? How do the timelines work in Westworld Season 2? Why is there a mysterious doggo that keeps appearing throughout the series?
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  • Leslie Galen
    Leslie Galen Năm trước +175

    Peter Abernathy did not get on the train. The plan was to put him on the train during the party, but when Sizemore went back to get him, he discovered that all the hosts in cold storage were gone.

    • Patrick F
      Patrick F Năm trước +1

      Have you watched Dark? The German time travelling noir crime drama on Netflix...think you'd apprentice it

    • Alan Way
      Alan Way Năm trước +1

      Crazy Harry the Muppet it's been a year only. Wake up

    • Bronn of the Blackwater
      Bronn of the Blackwater Năm trước +11

      Crazy Harry the Muppet you're new. Not much of a rind on you...

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Năm trước +50

      Thanks for the correction!

    • Crazy Harry the Muppet
      Crazy Harry the Muppet Năm trước +29

      Yup. A lot of people seem to forget that. I guess that's what 2 years in between seasons does to a person's memory.

  • R J
    R J 10 tháng trước

    Have the other staff never seen Arnold? Host-Arnold is called Bernard, but the others knew Arnold and and are aware that he is dead. Am I kissing something?

  • Kim McG.
    Kim McG. Năm trước

    They need to add on a Game of Thrones World to the park!

  • Kim McG.
    Kim McG. Năm trước

    I hope none of you guys are actually PAYING for HBO when there are apps such as Showbox (android), and Moviebox (chrome). Just saying... God knows my cable bill is reficulous enough without having to pay extra for each damn movie channel

  • Kim McG.
    Kim McG. Năm trước

    That maze "scalp" is not just a scalp it's actually from a lobotomy of a host.
    The wolf represents the theory that a Lone wolf dies, but a pack survives.
    And..as far as the appearance of NYC in the background, I think it's going to end up being that "Furture World" everyone's talking about.
    AND in the end, this whole entire thing will all be one big scripted storyline, and everyone you see is actually a robot😂 man... that would really suck! lol

  • Matt Theriot
    Matt Theriot Năm trước

    Season 2 Ep 1 was GREAT

  • iswintercomingornot
    iswintercomingornot Năm trước

    Love your videos. Professional with just the right sprinkling of f-bombs. Well done, sir. Well done.

  • Wayne Goddard
    Wayne Goddard Năm trước

    Do a video about Ash vs Evil Dead and how it ties into the films and stuff please.

  • Wayne Goddard
    Wayne Goddard Năm trước

    All Maeve has to do when she finds her daughter is what was done to her with the tablet things and supe her up like she is.

  • Share the Load, Mr. Frodo

    Love the Westworld videos, my man.

  • Taylor Zalewski
    Taylor Zalewski Năm trước

    so this is what I dont understand...the humans control the hosts being reincarnated...when they die, no one reincarnates them...first season has no party of the hosts reincarnating new hosts...can anyone help me with this?

  • applepie468
    applepie468 Năm trước

    That kayne dig

  • Nuke Abe
    Nuke Abe Năm trước

    The Wolf is Jon Snow. End game of GOT is that Westeros is just the Fantasy World by Robert Ford. HBO's Series Universe Theory.

  • Darth Savage
    Darth Savage Năm trước

    A new Westworld ad just dropped, and now I'm on your channel mashing F5... I need to learn patience

  • BcNoffNee5
    BcNoffNee5 Năm trước

    At Shift X. So glad you're doing videos on Westworld. I've been watching episode reviews as I binge watched the first season and nothing compares to yours. Even after all I watched you still hit different angles and I learned new things. Looking forward to Season 2.

  • sneha Prasad
    sneha Prasad Năm trước +1

    Please more of ww videos

  • m narayan
    m narayan Năm trước

    We found Ghost.

  • 000ShadowHedgehog000
    000ShadowHedgehog000 Năm trước

    So what happens when in the real world all these rich peoples family's find out they are dead and the police get involved?

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Năm trước

      Replace them with robots? Replace the police with robots? Everything is robots??

  • Yoga Dork
    Yoga Dork Năm trước

    Did it wander off of the game of thrones set?!!!bahaha

  • Laura M.
    Laura M. Năm trước +1

    "Homicidal version of Snow White."
    I love this channel.

  • Alia Ris
    Alia Ris Năm trước

    I think season 2 would be a lot "more prequel" than the first one. There'll be stories about how Wiliam took control, and the white-faced robots called the drone host that _do_ related with Delos secret (presumably dirty) project. And to complicate things, there gonna more new worlds, so that shot with young Logan in 'real world' probably just another world, like Mesa.

  • dasPaulchen
    dasPaulchen Năm trước

    Do you think, the whole Westworld-Series is a prequel to Michael Chrichton's movie "Westworld" from 1973?
    I'd love a theory about that

  • Ema
    Ema Năm trước

    Hey! Make video : Explained stranger things season 2 please😄

  • Shawn Moon
    Shawn Moon Năm trước

    Holy Shit a homicidal snow white would be terrifying

  • 4thesakeofNutella
    4thesakeofNutella Năm trước

    Do you have plans to review the Netflix series "Dark"?. In my opinion it is the most complicated and enjoyable Tv series. I would appreciate your exquisite explanation on it. Thank you :)

    • Alt Shift X
      Alt Shift X  Năm trước +1

      Maybe a recap of Season 1 before Season 2 comes out?

  • Chris
    Chris Năm trước

    First show i've seen in a while that incorporates literary themes, and is not just a shoot-em-up bang bang crowd pleaser. You know what I mean? Makes it quite enjoyable to pick apart and connect the dots of the show.

  • Brian Walters
    Brian Walters Năm trước

    Cum-advertise? What are you talking about, Charlotte?

  • Buenomars
    Buenomars Năm trước +1

    Jonathan Nolan admitted that some redditors correctly predicted certain plotlines in Season 2 so he had to scramble to make changes and I hope it still works.

  • Niels De Witte
    Niels De Witte Năm trước +1

    Great breakdown keep the video's up!

  • Thunk Tank Podcast
    Thunk Tank Podcast Năm trước

    About to go full Terminator B)

  • Dragon Curve Enthusiast
    Dragon Curve Enthusiast Năm trước

    That snow white joke killed me XD

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez Năm trước

    You should be the guy at the end of the episode for “a look inside the episode”

  • lightdark00
    lightdark00 Năm trước

    If it's all Ford's story, he would have made a host to replace him.

  • Ben Aaron
    Ben Aaron Năm trước

    Thank you, ASX.

  • akeee
    akeee Năm trước

    Can't wait, great video :)

  • Bartist Clord
    Bartist Clord Năm trước

    Thank You. None of the other breakdowns would address the wolf-dog nor the other door which is not a mop closet, in the old remote diagnostics chambers. (behind the cabinets in ford's personal R.D.C. under the cabin of Ford's "Family", shown partial covered in episode 9 or 10 when Bernard is naked (flashback, middle aged Ford.))

  • Little Sister
    Little Sister Năm trước

    Make a video about Maeve and Felix's relationship... I still don't understand why he helped her after she started hurting or having others killed.

  • T W
    T W Năm trước

    So glad you're taking up Westworld -- thank you, Alt

  • Matador Media
    Matador Media Năm trước

    All aboard the HYPE TRAIN!!! Love your vids, mate.

  • P V
    P V Năm trước

    Is the wolf wandering from GoT set! Lol!

  • Proffmsimod
    Proffmsimod Năm trước

    More videos! GOT, Westworld...just more.

  • N
    N Năm trước

    Please would you make an Explanation for Netflix masterpiece“ DARK “

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis Năm trước

    I don’t think that’s Peter Abernathy. Looks like the CEO of Delos. Also so happy your taking on Westworld! Look forward to the analysis videos to come from you!

  • allenreyQ
    allenreyQ Năm trước

    are we just going to ignore Samurai World tho

  • Juv eya
    Juv eya Năm trước

    3:32 You can see what looks like young Ford in the background. :)

  • matt durgin
    matt durgin Năm trước

    At this point I really dont understand why this channel doesnt have millions of subs more plz !

  • London1869
    London1869 Năm trước

    Can the hosts replicate?

  • Jolene Auger
    Jolene Auger Năm trước

    Okay I don't watch this show but you make it sound so interesting maybe I just like your voice hahaha 😂

  • lame lame
    lame lame Năm trước

    Preston Jacobs is gonna fuck you up!

  • W. N. Cairns
    W. N. Cairns Năm trước

    @3:51 Is that the host Angela standing behind Logan? Interesting if it is....

  • Jimber Jam
    Jimber Jam Năm trước

    I would LOVE to watch you do a deconstruction video of Netflix's DARK. (Though I understand it is less popular than WestWorld of GoT)

  • Michael McWalters
    Michael McWalters Năm trước

    Cool video. I think Westworld is perfect for your style of analysis. Would love to see episode recaps once S2 gets underway.

  • s l
    s l Năm trước

    Can you do "dark" the Netflix series?

  • Herb Coswell
    Herb Coswell Năm trước

    Could you do a GOT video on Gendry next? also will you be doing videos on each episode of Westworld similar to how you do it for game of thrones?

  • tekoa
    tekoa Năm trước

    id be really surprised is ford is really dead. what we saw may have just been a host version of himself.

  • beets
    beets Năm trước

    PLOT TWIST: Alt Shift X and Preston Jacobs are the same person!

  • or harpaz
    or harpaz Năm trước

    Something we are working on for Westworld Season 2. Check it out! It will be free for all viewers watching on a browser (forever) vivi-tv.com/timeline/youtube/qUmfriZoMw0

  • Michał Lxxa
    Michał Lxxa Năm trước +1

    Fantastic job team AltShiftX, as usual.
    I do not know if you guys still follow requests about what movies to make videos about, but I am 100% sure that a lot of us would like to see "Leftovers" covered. It is really mind blowing show, and a piece of art really. The show combines of 3 episodes and is finished already, but its full of twists and turns. As a big fan of your channel and Leftovers, I am just gonna leave it here =) much love

  • Dictismit
    Dictismit Năm trước

    I believe the white robot is either the robot Ford is seen creating in secret, or the incomplete Ford robot used to replace dead Ford

  • Toxa Ginda
    Toxa Ginda Năm trước

    Could you comment on the code, found in this trailer?

  • O Kalos O Mylos
    O Kalos O Mylos Năm trước

    2:07 _Ant-Man_ , _Squirrel-Girl_ , some homicidal version of _Snow White_
    Never mind _Radagast_ ; no mention of *_Varamyr Sixskins_* among the examples ?!

  • Bugsy McCoy
    Bugsy McCoy Năm trước

    I'm looking forward to Evan Rachel Wood acting more malicious than she did previously, I reckon she'll become a classic character. How about some Netflix analysis videos? Altered Carbon, Travelers, Timeless, Mindhunter... there's alot to dive into I'd love to see you cover.

  • Ed Cho
    Ed Cho Năm trước

    Can't wait 🤗

  • Machiave11i
    Machiave11i Năm trước

    On the Delos / Westworld website there is an email that mentions that the bulls at Abernathy farm are acting strangely...

  • nokturnal02
    nokturnal02 Năm trước

    Love your content!
    So glad you're covering Westworld, as this show is very interesting and Season 1 blew me away!

    • nokturnal02
      nokturnal02 Năm trước

      Oh ya, also the viral marketing confirms that there's 6 different parks.
      Would be nice to hear your thoughts on what they might be or if they'll even be explored any time soon.

  • Zachary Moore
    Zachary Moore Năm trước

    I know this video isn’t related to GoT but I wanted to comment on your most recent video to better the chances of you seeing this: I recently watched your “Rhaegar: Was Jon’s father the true hero” video and I have a question maybe you could expand upon, Why did Melisandre ask Jon at the wall if he was a virgin, and why did she say good after he said he wasn’t. Did she know he was Rhaegar’s son?

  • Neo Jim
    Neo Jim Năm trước

    yay you're back!

  • BellaBarossa
    BellaBarossa Năm trước

    For some reason, I can't get into Westworld the same way I've got into GoT, despite the critics' glowing reviews. I wish I could. GoT will end soon, and I'm going to need a new interest. :-/

  • ss...
    ss... Năm trước

    I bet ford comes back as a robot

  • tarapred
    tarapred Năm trước

    I fricken love your videos they're so detailed and complex. Never stop making them, especially Game of Thrones and Westworld!

  • WeTalkMaple
    WeTalkMaple Năm trước

    the wolf is a spy for ford

  • Alex Parkinson
    Alex Parkinson Năm trước

    Yes!! I've been telling people that dog is going to be important since season 1. people keep telling me NAH, and I am so fucking happy that you brought it up in this video.

  • hector perez prior
    hector perez prior Năm trước

    Thanks man. I love your videos.

  • Dab Science
    Dab Science Năm trước +1

    Haven't been been thing hyped for a show in a long time. The first season was a literal maze, hopefully the second season can keep up that same feeling of wonderment.

  • standing sword
    standing sword Năm trước +1

    Who else thinks that if they include Roman World, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo from ROME should appear? That'd be awesome!

  • Jayne Nicoletti
    Jayne Nicoletti Năm trước

    I think it's almost homage to how bullfighting is so wrong...but yeah the wolf...totally GOT lol

  • largesoda
    largesoda Năm trước

    Isn't the girl that Logan is with at the party Angela ?

  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker Năm trước

    More Westworld!

  • Sir Love
    Sir Love Năm trước +1

    Ever consider diving into the Battlestar Galactica series? It deals with many heavy themes and the lore is rich and often confusing. Just a suggestion. I enjoy your videos so keep it up.

    • patswickedpissah
      patswickedpissah Năm trước

      Problem is that BSG fundamentally was a series with no there there. They had a plan was a catchphrase. The creator of BSG simply made episodes that seemed cool with no substantive continuity.

  • Andrey Anisimov
    Andrey Anisimov Năm trước

    Like if you totally missed the host wolf too...

  • Nefeli Koutsoureli
    Nefeli Koutsoureli Năm trước


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    Satan Lucifer Năm trước

    This nigga can literally explain anything

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    Joe P Năm trước


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    diesel0070 Năm trước

    Altshiftx, your videos are my absolute favorite!
    I wish you good fortune in the videos to come!

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    anzac ngatai Năm trước

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    Chely M.Duarte Năm trước

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    Humza Ahmed Năm trước +1

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    Liam Thompson Năm trước

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    Kristoffer Lindgren Năm trước

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    rdecredico Năm trước

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    Gerard Massey Năm trước

    Unfortunately, Jimmi Simpson isn't on IMDB for the second season. :(

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    Frank Kidd Năm trước

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    ular48 Năm trước

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    Jared Gunter Năm trước

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    Hedzer Koolstra Năm trước

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    Patrick Năm trước


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    khayle05 Năm trước

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