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ComplexCon Chicago: The Future Made Physical
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  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen 5 giây trước

    Ak a monkey😂🤣😂😂

  • Diego Sainz
    Diego Sainz 27 giây trước

    i’ve been waiting for ye to be on sneaker shopping 😩😩😩

  • Yannic
    Yannic 2 phút trước

    that should be more about joe himself

  • mike black
    mike black 2 phút trước

    I bet Joe's closet is SICK. I think an episode feat. Joe's closet would break the internet.

  • Hes Kicks
    Hes Kicks 3 phút trước

    I still remember when I did my ComplexCon vlog from 2 yrs ago and smokepurp photobombed the back drop, he wanted my Tokyo 5s lol

  • Qz Tha Label
    Qz Tha Label 3 phút trước

    Yall still sleepin on comethazine

  • Thee Unfortunate
    Thee Unfortunate 3 phút trước

    Nicki song was slight for club shit 💯

  • Trae griffin
    Trae griffin 4 phút trước

    Fuck Cardi bitch is whack

  • Kered
    Kered 5 phút trước

    I miss this Kanye so fuckin much bruh😭 whose watching this in 2019?

  • DirppyKid 123
    DirppyKid 123 8 phút trước

    Bruhh, this guys balls dropped to deeply

  • Raymund Flores
    Raymund Flores 8 phút trước

    I thought he was gonna buy the store

  • Denzel Nakoma
    Denzel Nakoma 9 phút trước

    Okay why would you survey this demographic. It’s not for them!!

  • SelfMade 128
    SelfMade 128 9 phút trước

    Joe needs a sneaker colab man! He’s truly keeping the culture alive! 💯

  • chronicdesign876/scentplugja
    chronicdesign876/scentplugja 11 phút trước

    nigga sound dark

  • Mr Newport
    Mr Newport 11 phút trước

    Wayno dressed like he get pegged

  • Hunggg Bukhari
    Hunggg Bukhari 12 phút trước

    Saw him at the Atlanta Airport

  • vq_nyek9103
    vq_nyek9103 13 phút trước

    @15:39 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • R.O
    R.O 13 phút trước

    This... this is it

  • Thee Unfortunate
    Thee Unfortunate 13 phút trước

    Xxl is basically about streams If you not hot far as fan base or music you not getting pick

  • Robert Gardner
    Robert Gardner 14 phút trước

    Wayno on cardi dik so much he cant admit nicki spit

  • Steve Abitante
    Steve Abitante 15 phút trước

    Give us some Deals Joe LaPuma!

  • Adiel Ben Judah
    Adiel Ben Judah 16 phút trước

    I think Doug is a self portrait of himself. The character looks just like him. Never knew he was an illustrator from a cartoon I used to watch. Still not a fan tho.

  • Patrick Gauthier
    Patrick Gauthier 18 phút trước

    This is gay She is so cringe

  • Mo Magnuus
    Mo Magnuus 18 phút trước

    Lil nas has better music on his youtube that's what was confusing to me

  • 919. CHI
    919. CHI 19 phút trước

    What grade is he in this man said recess

  • Mocity Twest
    Mocity Twest 19 phút trước

    Why nobody mentioned yfn Lucci he had the best project last week

  • Paja Zii
    Paja Zii 19 phút trước

    I'm from Serbia, I can't believe the first question was from Serbia! #serbia 🇷🇸

  • Mo Magnuus
    Mo Magnuus 20 phút trước

    Wayno is not intellectually honest

  • Josh Cota
    Josh Cota 21 phút trước

    Yoooo July 15th is my birthday! I'll be tuning in!

  • BCFHardHitterz
    BCFHardHitterz 22 phút trước

    I know Wayno smokin that good good

    OG McFADDEN 22 phút trước

    Am is corny asf for his comments Xxl actually did a great job this year

  • Thee Unfortunate
    Thee Unfortunate 23 phút trước

    Forgot Lil baby Juice wrld P.S. y’all gotta put me on the show

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger 23 phút trước

    Shout out to bootlegs. Always have respect for fakes.

  • ion whooked
    ion whooked 23 phút trước

    i didnt even know there was seasons lmao

  • Angelina Pillay
    Angelina Pillay 24 phút trước

    Shop Bruno Mars

  • Ben Packwood
    Ben Packwood 24 phút trước

    I wanna see sneaker shopping with Anthony Davis

  • Shottie Body
    Shottie Body 25 phút trước

    At 00:22 look how joe walk... cupcake 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Robert Gardner
    Robert Gardner 26 phút trước

    Why she keep saying Rico nasty like damnnnnn we kno her name

  • Luca Formigli
    Luca Formigli 27 phút trước

    Joe La Puma goes Sneakers Shopping

  • Johnny Dunn
    Johnny Dunn 27 phút trước

    Lol AK with a pornhub shirt. Wonder how much they paying him lol i'd rock it for a check lol

  • Nikola Kicjo
    Nikola Kicjo 27 phút trước


  • Christopher Ruiz
    Christopher Ruiz 28 phút trước

    Complex tell juice world do you know joel

  • TragiicSZN
    TragiicSZN 29 phút trước

    This needs to be it’s on channel

  • kapitalJAK
    kapitalJAK 31 phút trước

    Checks everywhere lol

  • Stephon Thornton
    Stephon Thornton 31 phút trước

    Yezzus was an excellent album...around the time no body did what Kanye did on that first I hated it...but then I was like "damn this nigga produced this shit, and wrote the songs..." Kanye created pure art....then he hit us wit life of Pablo and that album was 🔥af It's like Kanye knew trump would be president...Remember... it was different time

  • David Marcus
    David Marcus 32 phút trước

    But whens sneaker shopping with Travis Scott tho

  • Eazy Productions
    Eazy Productions 32 phút trước

    Yea AK keep shining bro! Don't let them intimidate you.

  • I have the power of GOD AND ANIME

    Ok I just wasted my whole time and didn't focus on the video because of that pornhub shirt

  • Jahaziel Vazquez
    Jahaziel Vazquez 34 phút trước

    Billie: I like um big I like um chunky Me: I like um big I like um chunky I like round lol

  • Brett Lane
    Brett Lane 34 phút trước

    “I see someone with vans and I just think damn they got a small🍆” Billie Eilish

  • Enigma September
    Enigma September 35 phút trước

    How long have I been away? I know AK been fat...but he's fat fat....your baby uncle fat.

  • Treu Y`oung
    Treu Y`oung 36 phút trước

    Rico Nasty is killing it globally, FYI

  • The Pro Legend
    The Pro Legend 38 phút trước

    Where’s Joe La Puma goes sneaker shopping ? 😂

  • Cole Hanson
    Cole Hanson 38 phút trước

    What are those pink and black shoes on display to the left of the camera?

  • Tay'sean Harris
    Tay'sean Harris 41 phút trước

    Sooooo we gone act like akademiks shirt don’t say “porn hub”🤨

  • MGS TriL
    MGS TriL 41 phút trước

    Who is watching this In 2020

  • TB 123
    TB 123 41 phút trước

    Get mouth fixed😩

  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez 42 phút trước

    Micheal Jordan Goes Sneaker Shopping

  • William Aubrey
    William Aubrey 42 phút trước

    If ak gets fired I’m gonna look at this episode like hmmm...

  • Dom Turismo89
    Dom Turismo89 42 phút trước

    It doesn’t say ever in the first question 🙃

  • Glam Boy
    Glam Boy 43 phút trước

    You guys are really running out of people

  • Christopher Cordova
    Christopher Cordova 44 phút trước


  • Payton Bowman
    Payton Bowman 44 phút trước

    Man when Yachty said he had the black Eminem 4’s I about fell out of my chair 😂😂

  • Dante Rodman
    Dante Rodman 44 phút trước

    Ak is trippin! Everyone staying around besides conethazine he’s done. Lil mosey gotta step it up too. Otherwise this list is full of potential

  • geb0f0rever
    geb0f0rever 44 phút trước

    Air mx 98 wet!

  • omar6O
    omar6O 45 phút trước

    Looks like Ryan Sickler

  • Lisa Ngxito
    Lisa Ngxito 45 phút trước

    I am so happy with this interview. FINALLY SOME CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ON THE NICKI TOPIC! I love how you guys were able to comment on Nicki Minaj without hopping on the infamous hate train and being able to appreciate her craft, recognising what she has done. From this interview, one cannot say whether or not you're fans but one can defs see that you guys are for the culture and for the music, period. Congrats on this!!

  • Mason Tyler
    Mason Tyler 46 phút trước

    Waynos got some anger inside

  • jami C
    jami C 46 phút trước

    Wayno and Nedeska are such ass kisser . I miss joe , AK held his own .

  • Mr. Woofless
    Mr. Woofless 47 phút trước

    11:05 well done you played yourself

  • BrandonTheGiant
    BrandonTheGiant 47 phút trước

    Ak, get off porn mhub and get back on grubhub, you trippin this list is the best its been in a while

  • play boi
    play boi 48 phút trước

    Sneaker Shopping with Gordon Ramsey please

  • Susan Daniels
    Susan Daniels 48 phút trước

    holy crap! my jaws Just dropped....!! Just...dammmn

  • radwic
    radwic 49 phút trước

    Is DJ Khaled legitimately retarded?

  • jack ripper
    jack ripper 50 phút trước

    Fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew fsr crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RealOne1
    RealOne1 50 phút trước

    He got dropped to te minors again oof

  • Javion Griffin
    Javion Griffin 50 phút trước


  • Quesadilla Draws
    Quesadilla Draws 51 phút trước

    Ski Mask: *talks* Me: *COUGH PLEASEE*

  • Andy Stub10
    Andy Stub10 52 phút trước

    5:21 the look when you know you want something and you're about to steal

  • Robert Espinosa
    Robert Espinosa 53 phút trước

    You should have Sean Wotherspoon of Round Two & the winner of the sneaker design of the Air Max 97/1. Sean & his team at Round Two are making waves around the US. Vintage will be bubbling up in 2019.

  • ferny forbes
    ferny forbes 53 phút trước

    That Mexican toughness the guy looked intimidated viva mexico

  • Medley Official
    Medley Official 54 phút trước

    This show gunna be litty

  • Leon Brooks
    Leon Brooks 54 phút trước

    The Wire is Educational and actually has multiple lessons throughout the series whereas Breaking Bad is just another TV show..

  • Michael Afolabi
    Michael Afolabi 55 phút trước

    Complex could not have found a better host for Sneaker Shopping👌🏾

  • Oskar Koponen
    Oskar Koponen 55 phút trước

    People say his english is good but its honestly very very very bad.

  • mooose
    mooose 55 phút trước

    Gordon ramsey

  • Trayvon White
    Trayvon White 55 phút trước

    Threw away all my vans after this

  • Purple Swag
    Purple Swag 57 phút trước

    Homeboys gonna get it!

  • Jehu Awuah
    Jehu Awuah 57 phút trước

    Mehn Travis is wack no one needs him on this show

    FOREIGNTREES 57 phút trước

    Complex should do this more often, great conversation and energy. Would rather watch this then Full Size Run tbh.

  • Marco Caltenco
    Marco Caltenco 57 phút trước

    Where is sneaker shopping with playboi carti

  • J M
    J M 58 phút trước

    Nobody: Waynos Son: My Dad's From Harlem

  • Martis Ustinov
    Martis Ustinov 58 phút trước

    Who still watches this wack ass show? Since joe left shit been boring

  • Nolimit JM
    Nolimit JM 58 phút trước

    The energy was just not there why y’all treating ak like he not the main reason this show gets the views it does lol chill out

  • Giancarlo Centeno
    Giancarlo Centeno Giờ trước

    Ak gotta step up his fit game bruh every time I look at this dude I just get irritated at how trash his shit is lmfao

  • X DiZzy
    X DiZzy Giờ trước

    I need a wifisfuneral episode

  • S.A.B. Solaiman Ali
    S.A.B. Solaiman Ali Giờ trước

    Who is Joe la puma. Dont know anything about sneakers but does this guy have a sneaker collection

  • Lonnie•
    Lonnie• Giờ trước

    This really needs an epilepsy warning

  • Eazy Productions
    Eazy Productions Giờ trước

    Got beats $20... Take yo career to the next level mf!

  • Itzyaboy Jo
    Itzyaboy Jo Giờ trước

    😕 so y'all ain't mention Mary?? 😒 This episode is a dub!