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Why this photography pioneer faked his own death
lượt xem 409 4233 ngày trước
Why measles is back in the US
lượt xem 802 3104 ngày trước
The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice
lượt xem 5 779 2319 ngày trước
How Norway designed a more humane prison
lượt xem 1 410 00710 ngày trước
How Leonardo da Vinci made a "satellite" map in 1502
lượt xem 1 812 51611 ngày trước
Why this black hole photo is such a big deal
lượt xem 5 144 62411 ngày trước
How heavy metal and Satan gave us this sticker
lượt xem 733 44213 ngày trước
Cereal makers sold us a breakfast myth
lượt xem 1 048 79317 ngày trước
Earworm is back with Season 2
lượt xem 129 62717 ngày trước
Why Tucker Carlson pretends to hate elites
lượt xem 942 94418 ngày trước
How this family built life hack culture
lượt xem 536 58120 ngày trước
How scientists solved this dinosaur puzzle
lượt xem 786 67224 ngày trước
Why baby cages were a thing
lượt xem 707 03725 ngày trước
Why some Asian accents swap Ls and Rs in English
lượt xem 1 342 95027 ngày trước
How the British failed India and Pakistan
lượt xem 913 557Tháng trước
The conflict in Kashmir, explained
lượt xem 877 314Tháng trước
Why a cat always lands on its feet
lượt xem 1 029 317Tháng trước
The golf ball that made golfers too good
lượt xem 3 868 920Tháng trước
Why you're recycling wrong
lượt xem 538 494Tháng trước
A better way to tax the rich
lượt xem 743 705Tháng trước
Why parrots can talk like humans
lượt xem 1 455 463Tháng trước
How the Hindenburg killed an entire industry
lượt xem 891 654Tháng trước
Why a US city is searching for mass graves
lượt xem 1 341 789Tháng trước
Peek inside the Vox Video Lab
lượt xem 108 487Tháng trước
Why these plankton are eating plastic
lượt xem 789 504Tháng trước
Why cartoon characters curse like this
lượt xem 539 8682 tháng trước
Here's where Borders is going next
lượt xem 316 3532 tháng trước
Why safe playgrounds aren't great for kids
lượt xem 1 727 1412 tháng trước
American segregation, mapped at day and night
lượt xem 1 465 3172 tháng trước
Who actually pays for your credit card rewards?
lượt xem 885 5402 tháng trước
Fox News keeps forcing Trump into shutdowns
lượt xem 845 5532 tháng trước
The 70% top tax rate, explained with potatoes
lượt xem 546 3752 tháng trước
America's cocaine habit fueled its migrant crisis
lượt xem 891 4382 tháng trước
A murder solved, 23 years later | Part 3
lượt xem 440 1432 tháng trước
The deadly race to the South Pole
lượt xem 1 101 4922 tháng trước
El Chapo's drug tunnels, explained
lượt xem 928 3962 tháng trước
What Angela Merkel's exit means for Germany - and Europe
lượt xem 2 247 5922 tháng trước
How Trump wins press conferences
lượt xem 672 6613 tháng trước
How tax brackets actually work
lượt xem 1 153 0203 tháng trước
The problem with video gambling machines
lượt xem 477 5223 tháng trước
False Positive | A new documentary from Joss Fong
lượt xem 203 1103 tháng trước
How humans disrupted a cycle essential to all life
lượt xem 641 5573 tháng trước
Why video games are made of tiny triangles
lượt xem 768 1953 tháng trước
How salmonella-tainted food gets in your fridge
lượt xem 412 7583 tháng trước
Why fixing the US bail system is tricky
lượt xem 662 7663 tháng trước
The New Year's Eve song, explained
lượt xem 949 9033 tháng trước
Why monks had that haircut
lượt xem 1 971 3963 tháng trước
The World War II battle against STDs
lượt xem 920 6434 tháng trước
Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t a great deal
lượt xem 1 200 4084 tháng trước
Why Colombia is losing the cocaine war
lượt xem 1 612 3084 tháng trước
How to make more Vox videos happen
lượt xem 274 5904 tháng trước
How the Saudis ended up with so many American weapons
lượt xem 1 439 5404 tháng trước
Why advertisers are tracking your emojis 😱
lượt xem 456 3494 tháng trước
Why Shakira loves this African beat
lượt xem 814 7514 tháng trước
What we get wrong about affirmative action
lượt xem 631 4814 tháng trước
The problems with rebuilding beaches
lượt xem 1 177 7394 tháng trước
Why women’s pockets suck
lượt xem 1 099 3314 tháng trước
How this drug lord created a hippo problem in Colombia
lượt xem 2 994 0984 tháng trước
The booming CBD craze, explained
lượt xem 946 7144 tháng trước
Why Colombia has taken in 1 million Venezuelans
lượt xem 2 292 6674 tháng trước
Fox News keeps breaking its own rules
lượt xem 1 345 3044 tháng trước
Vox Borders heads to Colombia
lượt xem 198 3785 tháng trước
Why your Netflix thumbnails don't look like mine
lượt xem 1 019 0905 tháng trước
The roots of America's democracy problem
lượt xem 810 7935 tháng trước
The greatest album covers of jazz
lượt xem 667 0565 tháng trước
The Kamasutra is not (just) about sex
lượt xem 967 6245 tháng trước
Why ramen is so valuable in prison
lượt xem 4 269 9005 tháng trước
Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon
lượt xem 1 030 0745 tháng trước
The most feared song in jazz, explained
lượt xem 4 543 7585 tháng trước
The facial prosthetics of World War I
lượt xem 1 065 2335 tháng trước
What happens when women win elections
lượt xem 404 2805 tháng trước
The big lie Republicans are telling this election
lượt xem 403 5335 tháng trước
Why every election gets its own crisis
lượt xem 655 1225 tháng trước
Why American voter registrations are disappearing
lượt xem 362 6345 tháng trước
What happens when nature goes viral?
lượt xem 708 7865 tháng trước
NAFTA, explained with a toy car
lượt xem 838 3235 tháng trước
Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.
lượt xem 1 697 6995 tháng trước
Why this far-right candidate won Brazil's election
lượt xem 1 260 5495 tháng trước
The quest for the perfect apple
lượt xem 430 2946 tháng trước
Apollo 11’s journey to the moon, annotated
lượt xem 948 2156 tháng trước
Why gamers use WASD to move
lượt xem 2 333 9956 tháng trước
How IKEA gets you to impulsively buy more
lượt xem 1 345 4826 tháng trước
Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels empty
lượt xem 1 956 0296 tháng trước
The big problem with how we pick juries
lượt xem 918 7536 tháng trước
How GPS can make you better at running
lượt xem 429 7756 tháng trước
Watch the US stall on climate change for 12 years
lượt xem 568 2166 tháng trước
How ninjas went mainstream
lượt xem 592 7016 tháng trước


  • T Bjornsson
    T Bjornsson 8 giây trước

    that was an abrupt ending!

  • shaggy 12001
    shaggy 12001 26 giây trước

    Ah a classic led zeppelin album

  • abhishek das
    abhishek das Phút trước

    How many of u opened your phone camera???

  • Mark L
    Mark L Phút trước

    Parents don't bring kids to playgrounds anymore. More time is spent in shopping malls and cafés. More time is spent staring at the idiot box the size of your palms.

  • abhishek das
    abhishek das Phút trước


  • Eva Stahl
    Eva Stahl 2 phút trước

    My science teacher has posters in her classroom that are about going to Mars, with things like “Mars needs teachers.” It’s kinda funny

  • Jaystarz2000 Great gaming and Vlogs

    And Fallout series is already done on this video

  • Flyinflapjacks
    Flyinflapjacks 4 phút trước

    Wait... MCAS - maneuvering characteristics augmentation system. Also MCAS - Massachusetts comprehensive assessment system. So, it’s a plane system, and a test.

  • Justin Blake
    Justin Blake 4 phút trước

    This is terrifying for journalism

  • Zoe S.
    Zoe S. 8 phút trước

    My friend gets goosebumps when she's pissed. It makes sense now

  • Courson
    Courson 8 phút trước

    Vox: "In America, when you face trial, fellow American's are NOT your peers but rather PEOPLE OF YOUR SKIN COLOR." Absolute racists you are. America is home to ALL RACES WHO PEACEFULLY, PRODUCTIVELY, AND LEGALLY PARTICIPATE! NOT JUST THE SKIN COLOR YOU THINK IS BEST! RACISTS!

  • Ryan Crowley
    Ryan Crowley 9 phút trước

    I live in Buffalo NY. If anyone knows where I can find paw paw near me please let me know.

  • Patrick3183
    Patrick3183 10 phút trước

    Make nationalism great again

  • 5ft 8
    5ft 8 10 phút trước

    the brits shpuld have kept hong kong

  • Eva Stahl
    Eva Stahl 11 phút trước

    Parrot fish make a clicking sound when they eat the reef, which is good because their poop makes sand. Recently, my family and I went on a vacation together to Maui, Hawaii, and we when snorkeling. I could barely hear the parrot fish, when they are supposed to be very loud!

  • Kiw i
    Kiw i 12 phút trước

    Guess I’m level 100 boss :)

  • i need more wigs
    i need more wigs 14 phút trước

    why do toygers have to be SO expensive?!! YOU THINK A KPOP STAN GOT MONEY FOR THAT??

  • Queen susy
    Queen susy 14 phút trước

    just wait global warming will get those islands

  • Lola 。 Barclay 。
    Lola 。 Barclay 。 15 phút trước

    Welp, there goes my childhood dreams

    The HYPED LEGENDS 15 phút trước

    Its almost like the Douglas

  • Captain Scientist
    Captain Scientist 16 phút trước

    Gotta have that tea

  • Hwhiskeygames2
    Hwhiskeygames2 18 phút trước

    If all prisons were like this presuming only the prison systems changed and nothing else the empoverished and homeless may break laws to get a big place to stay safely

  • Chewie 13
    Chewie 13 18 phút trước

    Japan doesn't destroy property and for the most part take care of stuff.

  • The Sadistic Masochist
    The Sadistic Masochist 19 phút trước

    7:16 sounds like Microsoft Narrator

  • Aimless Jack
    Aimless Jack 20 phút trước

    This man has just made a flat sphere.

  • Freddy Rodriguez
    Freddy Rodriguez 20 phút trước

    I always wonder if a family member of these people sees this and asks, "Grandma! Is this really you?!" "WTF!!"

  • 5065ca
    5065ca 21 phút trước

    I hope illegals from Mexico takes everyone's job that helped produce this video...I hope you go so hungry you can't protest to build the wall.... people like y'all want our country to become 3rd world

  • 5065ca
    5065ca 25 phút trước

    any police department that doesn't comply should be on the chopping block from receiving funding for new cars

  • Marcus V
    Marcus V 25 phút trước

    We do not eat platics that are in fish. The only way you could is if you ate the intestines or the stomach. No animals digestive system can absorb plastic you even showed it passing through a plankton. Fake news.

  • Dan Bartz
    Dan Bartz 25 phút trước

    medieval mario bros

  • drone raymart
    drone raymart 26 phút trước

    What if, 20,000 years after we will be reincarnated in 1 of 130 habitable planet and managed to get the disk?

  • MiniMinion
    MiniMinion 27 phút trước

    In Thailand , there is a thing called Promptpay which is a financial service run by the government to transfer money with other people.Isn't something like this exist in other countries?

  • Rav K.
    Rav K. 27 phút trước

    You don't need hair salons to do it if it's a hassle for expense. Take clumps of your hair when you're brushing during your morning routine and put it in some big jar, box, whatever you don't need.

  • Gabriel Diaz
    Gabriel Diaz 28 phút trước

    It was great, but I would had love to see Angela Ponce!

  • Andrew Colvin
    Andrew Colvin 28 phút trước

    When are people going to understand the US is a failed state. NOTHING GETS DONE. We spend years and years and years acknowledging the problems, but won’t actually fix anything.

  • Malcadon
    Malcadon 30 phút trước

    I totally agree: A selfish ruling class is bring America to the brink of (a violent) revolution. So, what are we waiting for?

  • Something Physical
    Something Physical 32 phút trước


  • Ricky Collins
    Ricky Collins 34 phút trước

    They r jews

  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 34 phút trước

    Australia you earn $40000aud = 32% tax ' $95,000 aud = 37% ' $185,000 aud = 45% . Then we have high taxes 13% -51% on cars . Middle class and the rich pay the bulk of the tax to Government

  • Halle
    Halle 34 phút trước

    I would always pic pawpaws with my grandparents when I was younger

  • KieronKN Singapore
    KieronKN Singapore 35 phút trước

    What about Circle? Link? Walk? Central? North? Loop? Viaduct? Ring? Plains? Close? I live in Singapore, I passed roads: Wellington Circle Eunos Link Circuit Link Choa Chu Kang North 5 Choa Chu Kang Loop Stagmont Ring Rivervale Walk Edgefield Plains Keppel Viaduct Sembawang Close Yishun Central

  • Agustin Castro
    Agustin Castro 35 phút trước

    So this is how USA became the most hated country in the world

  • A B
    A B 36 phút trước

    And all the CEOs that get fired will have golden parachutes and glide to safety with millions in severance pay. Death to lives all for a quick buck, corporate greed and scum is at an all time high. The world needs to rid itself of these capitalist corporations because they only care about one thing, the dollar at any and all cost! This is costing lives and the health of our planet with extraordinary pollution as well.

  • Don720
    Don720 37 phút trước

    99 years is forever, if the world ends at 98 years and 365 days, 23 hours and 59 sec.. I guess it didn't end, n China re-acquired Hong Kong

  • Eve Kohley
    Eve Kohley 37 phút trước

    This industry is based on the fallacy of race being a biological phenomenon instead of a social construction of a caste system.

  • Alice Lim
    Alice Lim 37 phút trước

    i worked from home which is the best!

  • iiOmqLatte
    iiOmqLatte 38 phút trước

    0:14 *im smiling becuz thats not a good sign*

  • Imaspecofdust
    Imaspecofdust 38 phút trước

    Maybe they just didn't like their pictures taken?

  • Out Break official YouTube channel

    3:20 Beatles for sale

  • Shotgun93Alexander
    Shotgun93Alexander 43 phút trước

    That lady has a generic white girl voice

  • A B
    A B 44 phút trước

    The real reason: what goes up, must come down

  • Don720
    Don720 44 phút trước

    I can imagine a Chinese person(s) may have put a curse on the west for a future drug addiction problem for the Opium War, as the West have had a drug problem for a long time and still do. If that is the case, u wonder want kind of a curse lead to China's fall from the riches of the past. If look at a lot of history, it has a lot of Karma. For example Aztec sacrificed many people in the excuse of it was part of their religion. Well, what if one of them that was being sacrificed put a curse on the Aztec, that someday some other power will come n put their society down , which it did happen by the Spaniards. I see this in many society. That Karma comes back at u, eventually.

  • Rick Anderson
    Rick Anderson 45 phút trước

    Hey Vox, jealous much????

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 47 phút trước

    Well I’ll be dead if we need to inhabit mars, but I may be alive to see people land on it. Yea that sounds good to me

    CHAOS 47 phút trước

    *cough cough* leftist propaganda *cough*

  • Luis SDcomicon
    Luis SDcomicon 48 phút trước

    Whether you're from the right or left, there's denying the evidence. It doesn't matter how old or current the information is, Trump had more influence from "outside" forces that's helped along by his underlings. Trump isn't the one to be concerned, it's his associates who hide themselves through the "legitimacy" of their position.,

  • Malcadon
    Malcadon 49 phút trước

    If you want to know who the real devils are, go watch a Televangelist raise funds from the wallets of poor old people for the sake of a new luxury charter jet. Don't they know what "Simoney" is?

  • Muhd Miqaeel
    Muhd Miqaeel 49 phút trước

    What have you done for your self? Spreading a twist fact.dont you scared what are waiting for you here after life? Astagfirullah al azim.

  • Petros Kostianis
    Petros Kostianis 51 phút trước

    I don't think YOU understand the green new deal.

  • silver070
    silver070 52 phút trước

    Why is measles back? Due to idiots who believe they know more than scientists and medical professionals.

  • Vultania 5178
    Vultania 5178 53 phút trước

    As any time-travel fiction will tell you, messing with time can have serious consequences. If one were to try to kill baby Hitler, the holocaust wouldn't have happened, WW2 wouldn't have happened, and the world would be a very different place. So many deaths would have been avoided, Germany may have joined the ranks of Russia and China as a communist country (it sounds great in theory, but have you even seen what it's done to China? All that history and tradition from 4000 years has been destroyed), and we probably wouldn't have the Declaration of Human Rights. Remember, it took the atrocities of WW2 for the UN to come together for the first time.

  • Archimedes Reincarnated
    Archimedes Reincarnated 54 phút trước


  • Ronan Hansel
    Ronan Hansel 54 phút trước

    Now you can go to jail for walking in black? What's wrong with you people?

  • Adrian NiKo
    Adrian NiKo 55 phút trước


  • Omar Delawar
    Omar Delawar 57 phút trước

    This is literally one of the best mini-documentaries, ever!

  • KyleB
    KyleB 57 phút trước

    It’s because of those idiots who use vaccines Essential oils 4 ever

  • Swag Cookies
    Swag Cookies 58 phút trước

    Explain to me how I won a ps4 for $11 bucks then? I know I got it to pay out. I want the math for the odds off being the one to get he machine to pay out.

  • 7footfury
    7footfury 59 phút trước

    The crazy part is that most of the people that will agree with this video don’t know that many NRA members are not happy with them because they compromise too much on the 2nd Amendment. Also VOX is a joke.

  • AidenVids
    AidenVids 59 phút trước

    how will they play the record though

  • Golgotha_Mythos69
    Golgotha_Mythos69 59 phút trước

    And today the "Moral Majority" has elected and Fascistically obeys without question, Satan incarnate (Trump). The further Art pushes the boundaries of our minds, the less religion trusts reality itself.

  • Marco Giardi
    Marco Giardi Giờ trước

    They just don't like it and they don't have the same way to live sport as in Europe, that's it

  • Royal Gaming
    Royal Gaming Giờ trước

    *Eat RICE if you want to live a long life*

  • JurassicHog
    JurassicHog Giờ trước

    it will take many year to gain confidence in airline industry.

  • name required
    name required Giờ trước

    I miss the old days when everyone is naked.

  • motorman1017
    motorman1017 Giờ trước

    millennial a holes

  • F4T4LITY0 R
    F4T4LITY0 R Giờ trước

    Second swing is an iron but has a driver sound dubbed over lmao

  • Porky Studios
    Porky Studios Giờ trước

    Asians isn't fluent in English Philippines: HOLD MY RED HORSE (BEER)

  • Matthew Harter
    Matthew Harter Giờ trước

    I pressed x.

  • Ziad al
    Ziad al Giờ trước

    Omg thx so much for this darta=data its so interesting like if you think too

  • marceline's slippers
    marceline's slippers Giờ trước

    How ironic, I just watched a Trump ad wanting me to vote for him right before this video

  • MellyTwilly
    MellyTwilly Giờ trước

    One of the many reasons the daguerreotype was so popular was because of its extremely high quality, unlike many others techniques that came before or after 1839.

  • BroMcMrChairJr
    BroMcMrChairJr Giờ trước

    So this is why I think there is a hair in my fish sometimes, it was actually microplstic! Now I don't have to get mad at the servers, just big corporations! Wait that's nothing new.

  • chloeburbunk 17
    chloeburbunk 17 Giờ trước

    As someone who is from the country, I can tell you It’s only gotten worse. More poor, more starvation, money’s worthless, and extreme high prices.....God save us all.

  • MoonCrest Studios
    MoonCrest Studios Giờ trước

    Sharks are just, beautiful little.... potato-fish.... With teeth and fins... But I love sharks! They just judge with teeth and not sight, most shark attacks the shark just bites, tastes, dose not like taste, wanders off. And don’t even get me started on how much I love stingrays...

  • 𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕕
    𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕕 Giờ trước

    Only a few prisoners enjoy the freedom of this island, which is equivalent to a trustee camp in a US min security prison. The rest who were given 10+ year sentences are in complete isolation in what the media loves to refer to as hotel prisons. In these cells everything is provided for you including your own shower, therefore there's no reasons for the guards to ever let you out and you stay in there 23hrs per day. Because the media calls them hotels, it prevents any prisoner from being able to complain and be taken seriously, so often these guys will either light their cells on fire and hopefully get transferred to one of the older style jails so they can talk to other inmates, or they just kill themselves.

  • heng cc
    heng cc Giờ trước

    get Lee kuan yew to rule venezuela and things will change

  • Alonzo T
    Alonzo T Giờ trước

    Short answer: Population control 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • M McTavish
    M McTavish Giờ trước

    That Brian guy is so cringingly stupid.

  • bob avon
    bob avon Giờ trước

    Boeing's moto is money before lives. That's how they will compete with Airdeath. The FAA needs blood in the U.S. before it reacts.

  • FocusFanatic
    FocusFanatic Giờ trước

    People are too dumb for their own good.

  • Kangkong Bacon
    Kangkong Bacon Giờ trước

    3 a.m. in the morning anyone?

  • Kaia Downs
    Kaia Downs Giờ trước

    save the sharks bros

  • MattD
    MattD Giờ trước

    Reminds me of that episode from Clarence

  • Don720
    Don720 Giờ trước

    The people of the West don't understand, they think it is a game of morality in the global setting. No, it is a game of survival. Even if you did a game of morality, people have different ones. West should look to their own house. The East is looking more and more lean, mean and a wracking machine. The West looks like it is crumbling.. The West looks bewildered and leaderless. U wonder which sides looks to have a better future??? The Western system is not working as before, ever since Lehman collapse of 2009. There is too much complaining going on in the West not many pro-active moments. West say they want to be globally green, but why r they driving cars n using trains much, especially in the US??? China has trains, that the masses can travel instead of oil eating planes or so many cars. For real, the more u look at, the West is full of BS.. I see why there is a lot of protest in the West, but if only it makes a difference or makes sense. U look at the protest in the West, they don't make sense. U have antifa marches, woman march, this march, what r u trying to say. To me it looks like, people just walking to one place to complain n do nothing. They don't really even have a plan. Neither does the governments of the West. They seem to be all alike and do hardly anything. It has become just a vanity thing to hold office.

  • caffeineandmemes
    caffeineandmemes Giờ trước

    A stabbing with an adorable knife? *Arya Stark and Needle have entered the chat *

  • Ghostx357
    Ghostx357 Giờ trước

    maybe including the filter on a new type of washing machine, it would up the cost, but you can make a market arround it, if there is a law, or ad a redudant system to the treatment plant

  • Mattcat gamer
    Mattcat gamer Giờ trước

    plot twist: the world is actaully a soccer ball

  • Anton Raducu
    Anton Raducu Giờ trước


  • Cholo Calis
    Cholo Calis Giờ trước

    I legit thought the title meant how the queen of England managed to stop trump from using certain songs.

  • MrKevinTaco
    MrKevinTaco Giờ trước

    How the hell would I want a crossover with SW and Marvel? It would make no sense, this video makes no sense