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Easter Message (2019)
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Can Timmy & Sara Retire Next Year?
lượt xem 2 5243 ngày trước
A 60/40 Portfolio - Why Bother?
lượt xem 2 5854 ngày trước
Should I Pay Off Mortgage?
lượt xem 1 5515 ngày trước
Free Portfolio Review? No Thanks!
lượt xem 1 1905 ngày trước
It’s Not Me, It’s YOU!
lượt xem 1 0215 ngày trước
Live Q & A!
lượt xem 9426 ngày trước
Family First - Work Second
lượt xem 3816 ngày trước
One Investment Chart to Rule Them All!
lượt xem 1 1166 ngày trước
Reverse Mortgage to Buy a New Home?
lượt xem 5189 ngày trước
Medicare For All: Bernie's 66% Tax Increase
lượt xem 1 4299 ngày trước
Let's Look At A REAL 2018 Tax Return
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Too Old For Roth Conversions?
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Wow! PenFed Savings Account Looks Attractive
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I’m Back Taking Clients!
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How Can You Not Be Optimistic?
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Lump Sum or Pension?
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Recession 2020? Should I Go To All Cash?
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Medicare Horror Stories (2019)
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5 Star Wealth Manager? Who Cares!
lượt xem 23611 ngày trước
"You're Saving My Family $600,000, Josh!"
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RIP Value Stocks?
lượt xem 28611 ngày trước
Differences Between ETFs and Mutual Funds
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Should A 37 Year Old Put 20% in His 403B?
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457 Plans - What You Need To Know
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You CAN Make a Living On Youtube!
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Boeing VIP Investment Options
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Low Carb Pancake Mix - Yummmm
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Live Financial Planning Q&A
lượt xem 1 01514 ngày trước
Boeing Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP)
lượt xem 16614 ngày trước
Be Delighted in What You Do!
lượt xem 36514 ngày trước
You, Yes YOU!, Have Value
lượt xem 36116 ngày trước
Discounts For Seniors!
lượt xem 77016 ngày trước
Roth Conversions: Best Time To Do Them 💪
lượt xem 3 42918 ngày trước
Update On My Rotator Cuff Injury 😓
lượt xem 35018 ngày trước
Wellington Fund vs. 7/12 Portfolio 1999-2018
lượt xem 1 35418 ngày trước
THIS is One of My Favorite Investment Portfolios
lượt xem 2 56919 ngày trước
A Little Less Return But a WHOLE Lot Less Risk?
lượt xem 1 02719 ngày trước
Deferred Compensation Plans 409(A)
lượt xem 28919 ngày trước
Chris Hogan's R:IQ
lượt xem 1 79320 ngày trước
How To PROPERLY Calculate Provisional Income
lượt xem 96420 ngày trước
My Financial Advisor Says You Are Wrong, Josh!
lượt xem 1 56420 ngày trước
Stocks Are NOT Safer In The Long Term
lượt xem 1 95021 ngày trước
lượt xem 1 91922 ngày trước
Live on Saturday For Q & A
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  • Fred Ost
    Fred Ost 22 phút trước

    Better to leave backwards PA. I did many years ago.

  • cing earth cingearth
    cing earth cingearth 4 giờ trước

    the crash is coming in 2020 !

  • corvette72778
    corvette72778 7 giờ trước

    If Obamacare is struck down, will NIIT go down with it?

  • H B
    H B 7 giờ trước

    Josh another great video & turn off the news because it's poison.

  • David Hankins
    David Hankins 9 giờ trước

    Amen Josh, he has risen!

  • Julie DeFazio
    Julie DeFazio 9 giờ trước

    This is a great way to do these videos, by prefacing with the situation. Good information as always.

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds 9 giờ trước

    I am 55 and live in Phoenix,Az. I just paid my house off and have about 300k in my 401k. I am eligible for retirement with pension at my job at the end of this year. I am planning on relocating to a small Arizona town where the cost of living is much lower. Hope to pay cash for a nicer home on a bigger property also planning on working part time or get a seasonal job. My point is if you want to retire early or semi retire, consider down sizing your home or maybe you could move to somewhere that property is cheaper. Consider the idea of never buying a new car again but find a bargain used car in good shape. Get out of debt and go live your life!

  • larry pryor
    larry pryor 9 giờ trước

    Listening as a retired Field Grade Military Officer with disability, and SSA at 62, living overseas, with a mansion for $600 a month with maid and gardener, no children, and no contact with two divorces who took all, but had no legal tie to my retirement streams. I quit early traveled to over 60 countries, around the globe 8 times, and have not been to USA for decades, have no clue what you are talking about!

  • Cecilia Baker
    Cecilia Baker 9 giờ trước

    This is interesting, I borrowed 9k from my 401k for part of my down payment on my home. I was stressed thinking about how much I was paying (losing) on the interest rate and didn't realize I was just repaying myself that interest! Thanks for sharing!

  • Linda W.
    Linda W. 10 giờ trước

    This guy is a smart ass... better out there than him!

  • belangp
    belangp 11 giờ trước

    Amen Josh.

  • Martin Camilo
    Martin Camilo 12 giờ trước

    Jesus lived and died on the cross and then resurrected

  • Dean Thornquist
    Dean Thornquist 12 giờ trước

    He is Risen, Indeed!

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 12 giờ trước

    Godbless you and your family on this holy day when Jesus has risen !!

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith 12 giờ trước

    Thanks Josh 😊 nice to know they get you coming and going !!!

  • Ricky AZ
    Ricky AZ 13 giờ trước

    Uhaul is much cheaper. Looks like Maryland is even worse. Why would anyone live in any of these places if they've accumulated any assets at all?

  • Dave Schmarder
    Dave Schmarder 13 giờ trước

    New York State gets me while I'm alive, each year. That is unless my estate is worth over $5.7 million bucks. Then they would get me again. Your video caused me to check. Many thanks.

    • Dave Schmarder
      Dave Schmarder 12 giờ trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning Yeah, I saw it was $1MM. Was changed in 2012. I forgot to look at the rate, seeing I was still a few bucks shy of that new number.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 13 giờ trước

      is that new NY State Estate tax? Wow, not too long ago it was $1mm.

  • John C
    John C 13 giờ trước

    The surviving spouse will just have to marry the children!

  • Linda Field
    Linda Field 14 giờ trước

    Christ is risen!

  • Rexbo
    Rexbo 15 giờ trước

    Jesus LIVES!!!!! and through Him we have HOPE, Jesus IS HOPE, our only hope and praise be God!!!!!!! THANK YOU josh for this uplifting and enlightening video on this most glorious of days! God bless you and yours brother!

  • Robert Barry
    Robert Barry 16 giờ trước

    Can you talk about state taxes in a brokerage account. I live in Massachusetts.

  • J Lee
    J Lee 16 giờ trước

    I totally agree. My Church is the Washington National Cathedral since 2005. Christ did and does live even now and he will come again. Easter is the highest Holiday in Christianity as his resurrection is our hope, in my opinion.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      His resurrection is really the only thing that matters. No Resurrection, no Christianity. It's why it's such a beautiful thing. So simple.

  • Dan C
    Dan C 17 giờ trước

    I wonder if the account holder's ss number would be a more accurate reflection of their retirement account balances, than average balances of individual 401k or IRAs. This way, a person who holds 3 401k(s), 1 Traditional IRA and 2 Roth IRAs would have a total balance in retirement accounts not separated into 6 different accounts. So the best study would be a reflection by age and social security number and possibly tax returns than looking at the average or mean 401k or IRA balances. Easier said than done. Still, the numbers are interesting.

  • Jake Manchester
    Jake Manchester 17 giờ trước

    The only path to eternal life is through Jesus Christ. Happy Easter.

  • David Rochlis
    David Rochlis 17 giờ trước

    Happy Easter Josh. Thanks for your message.

    BDOG JR 17 giờ trước

    Awesome Heritage《☆》Nice message brother :*: Jesus lives and his importance is key to the future of our existence not just the historical value of his existence :*: 🕍🌔⛪Happy Easter buddy 🙏👑👍

  • Acousticmarine
    Acousticmarine 19 giờ trước

    First timer on the channel. I totally agree about overestimating retirement income needs. The financial industry has been telling us for years we need this much. They show commercials and print advertisements of couples walking on the beach as the sun sets or golfing, such bullshit. It's simple math, the more we save, the larger paycheck they receive, follow the money folks. Saving is important and a good habit, but so is living life in the present, don't wait until your to old to have some fun.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      couldn't agree more Like the CCR song says "Someday Never Comes", you don't want to wait for a day that never arrives.

  • Fishing Buddy 360
    Fishing Buddy 360 20 giờ trước

    Great interview, Josh! Full of helpful information for everyone, regardless of where you are in your retirement planning.

  • H B
    H B 22 giờ trước

    Great video, But, LTC insurance most people stop paying on it can't afford it. once you get over 60 I know the price jumps insurance companies know that.And I guess insurance companies know that you're not going to use it cuz you'll probably die early or cancer or something. I'm thinking asset protection in a trust is better than buying long-term care.

    • H B
      H B 12 giờ trước

      Nursing Home

    • H B
      H B 12 giờ trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning Depleting my IRA assets. Start gifting away if I'm set up with my Roth.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      what would you be trying to protect your assets from? That's the question I'd ask.

  • Joe Craft
    Joe Craft 22 giờ trước

    If one takes a lump sum and reinvest it in an IRA, are there any tax liabilities?

  • deniseyweesy
    deniseyweesy 23 giờ trước

    Fix Medicare first anyhow. It should cover glasses and dental for our seniors. And it's not FREE either, and everyone that can afford it gets supplemental insurance. My mom has to buy her drugs overseas because of the cost that Medicare doesn't cover.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      EXACTLY! All these people claiming Medicare is a panacea obviously have no clue how it works.

  • Arie Fraiser
    Arie Fraiser Ngày trước

    Good interview Josh. Our politics doesn't always line up as I'm unabashedly liberal but your enphusiasm and passion for the subject of financial planning and retirement comes through on your channel. Where ever anyone falls on the political spectrum they can learn plenty by listening to your show and taking advantage of the information to get the best financial outcome possible under today's current laws.

    • Arie Fraiser
      Arie Fraiser 3 giờ trước

      +JANAVEL1655 I think one of the keys to retiring to a cheaper location overseas for long term healthcare is doing so at a young enough age like your 50s where you can lay down roots and connect with people wether they're expats or locals. You don't want to be stuck overseas in long term care and hardly know anyone. That's a lonely way to go out and could actually take you out sooner.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      I just dont' know anything about living overseas. So, that's not an area I'd be comfortable commenting on. And I am 100% pure USA. So, for me it's USA or bust. Hardly any states in the US want my kind anymore. Bascially, we're down to the South, Texas and some midwest states. There's nowhere else to go. So, USA or nothing for me. :)

    • JANAVEL1655
      JANAVEL1655 14 giờ trước

      Very good & sucinct video. "No Frills" Thank you for your time. I'm a vet like you; single - no kids - 57 - retired NYPD - still work Part time / full time seasonally why not discuss Retiring OVERSEAS - much cheaper - slower pace lifestyle ? Money goes farther. South America; Caribbean; Ever read "International Living" - they have a website / services. My problem is ... the stability of pensions; social security ... c'mon ... the USA has some serious financial problems. Can't see long term here without something giving out. I had gotten my mom a long term care policy - $3,500 + premiums a year. But, you can hire a live in maid, in a foreign country for $400 month to clean; cook; shop; etc. +Heritage Wealth Planning

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 19 giờ trước

      Hey Arie I appreciate the note. Just because you’re a lib (well me too - a Libertarian!) doesn’t mean we can’t have dialogue

  • Gary Edwards
    Gary Edwards Ngày trước

    Hi Josh. Ever explored portfoliocharts.com? For a lot of suggested portfolios (or your own custom portfolio) it ranks return, drawdown, sustainable withdrawal rate, etc. CDs aren’t an option but cash and short intermediate long Treasuries are. I think your viewers would love a video “messing” with it.

  • Michael Pollini
    Michael Pollini Ngày trước

    I just saw bigfoot!

  • Pete Stone
    Pete Stone Ngày trước

    Josh - I want to say again that you have an amazing ability to connect to the average person about retirement realities. You are a breath of fresh air! Friendly reminder - PLEASE occasionally create videos on retirement examples for singles. Thanks again for your hard work. Peace!

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 14 giờ trước

      donna here too vn-plus.com/kenh/kF4Xm4SxyJv

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 14 giờ trước

      tons of videos for singles, my friend. Scott Single for instance... vn-plus.com/kenh/Ufx3zn-gxCp this is a 4 part series by the way

  • Bobthebuilder
    Bobthebuilder Ngày trước

    Thank you for sharing your story. Looking forward to your journey and what you can teach us. Appreciate ya and hope you can reach your goals

  • myvenusheeler
    myvenusheeler Ngày trước

    A very good exchange of ideas.And no more of this "Ted" or "Mary" has $1,000,000 in their 401K.Great if they do but it's a pipe dream for most.

  • Max A
    Max A Ngày trước

    I thought this was about faber and ends up being some guy babbling, not making much sense.

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith Ngày trước

    SMASHING Josh love to hear it.

  • Kimberly Wack
    Kimberly Wack Ngày trước

    Great video!

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      just keep plugging away. But you already know that!

    • Kimberly Wack
      Kimberly Wack 12 giờ trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning Slow going. So much going on we just haven't had the time for it. My work has agreed and has fully supported me going remote, part time and stepping down from my management role! So now the house is for sale. Lots going on! But we are getting closer to our goal!

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 19 giờ trước

      Than you ma’am. How’s your channel?

  • P C
    P C Ngày trước

    Good Video..

  • Sergio Santana
    Sergio Santana Ngày trước

    Josh ,as good as this plan is is there any way you can tweak the software to see if there will be much of a difference in the end result. I do not think that the reverse mortgage was used to its full potential these are my thoughts at age 62 they have more than enough Roth money to pay off house, this will not create a tax issue for them (72k balance 90k in Roth ),by paying off the house and then establishing a HECM they will then have a loc of approximately 110k (they will have to pay the 10k to establish loan out of pocket to receive the maximum on the loc) with a current growth rate of 5.75% this will sustain 10 years of withdrawals of $14.400k that can then be used towards paying the tax on the Roth conversions The total outflow will be $145k vs $100k on paying off the house with the HECM plan .Just trying to utilize the tax free growth on the loc to its full potential thoughts? I've heard , don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good ..you still got me thinking about that one take care Josh

  • kevin kuc
    kevin kuc Ngày trước

    In retirement I’ll be in a 10 percent lower tax bracket, I’ve always believed and seen that traditional 401k you are depositing more over a life time because it is pre taxed, so your investing more then Roth because your keeping your take home the same. So over the years your compounding more money , a lot more, hundred thousands more. Then the beauty of it when you withdrawn your 10 percent less.

  • Crewmax42
    Crewmax42 Ngày trước

    O.K., I'm an idiot! But, why withdraw the 60K from the IRA in the first place.? Why not leave it in the funds? I withdraw what I need every month and let the rest earn. What am I doing wrong?

  • Michelle Robinson
    Michelle Robinson Ngày trước

    So when do you start to consume the roth?

  • Michelle Robinson
    Michelle Robinson Ngày trước

    I contribute to both..maxed out..good grief...is this over kill on a mis guided premise??

  • Mojonus Cmg
    Mojonus Cmg Ngày trước

    Black Cubans don't matter, or whites, in Cuba we are all the same crap to the eyes of the "government". When I was a kid I wished American troops intervened and saved us, my dad asked me, what if we die? I said, if we do, we will be free. Today we live in the best country of the world, the best system, and the best people. Once again you're correct, USA is and will be the best country, and those that don't see it is because they don't know nothing else, and always have been spoiled. Thank you for helping people understand what we have here, don't give up.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      Man... you’ve gotta email me and tell me more. Would live to share your story. We can make it anonymous if needed.

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson Ngày trước

    demorats in washington are working hard to change that!!

  • mweb1
    mweb1 Ngày trước

    But it's a loan.

  • Rexbo
    Rexbo Ngày trước

    Josh, What are your thoughts on using "HECM" to purchase a retirement home at age 62?

    • Rexbo
      Rexbo Ngày trước

      Me too, so far... I am learning about it just now, I had NEVER heard of such a thing until yesterday (buying a new home with it). Thing is I am not old enough yet (5 years to go), to do it given the age 62 requirement. I am pretty excited to know that for 50% down I am mortgage payment free for the rest of my life. I like it! haha

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      Love it

  • Mark Engel
    Mark Engel Ngày trước

    Do you have to be 62 to get a reverse mortgage?

  • billyrayband
    billyrayband Ngày trước

    Your IRA or ROTH should have a cash fund so taking a distribution on it during a bad year or three is a non event. Just because your 1M drops to 800K due to market tank does not mean taking 50K from a MM fund in the IRA you are taking a loss, you are not..There are some good reasons for getting a reverse mortgage and bad reasons-make sure you understand them both before skinny dipping in one. I would like to hear from people who have had them for several years, they are way too expensive for a short term issue.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      Whoa!!! Did my man Billyrayband actually say there are SOME good reasons for a reverse mortgage? ?? Never thought I’d see the day! 😂

  • Jake Manchester
    Jake Manchester Ngày trước

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchill

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      100% correct. You hear they're now going after Churchill? This crap needs to be stopped once and for all.

  • John C
    John C Ngày trước

    In other words, reverse mortgages are not EVIL (not ALIVE and waiting to DEVOUR YOU!), they're just another tool in your toolkit, if you have a home and happen to need that tool. Pass me the 5/16th socket wrench, please.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      Inanimate objects can NEVER be evil. Well Communism is the exception that destroys that theory!

  • Clutch Carson
    Clutch Carson Ngày trước

    It's like financial crack, I love watching.

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith Ngày trước

    Thanks Josh love the charts man. Makes it easier to understand.

  • hoofixrman martin
    hoofixrman martin Ngày trước

    Great vid!...You two should do more!!

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith Ngày trước

    Same old ,same old follow the money my friend. For a fee these idoits are indoctrinated to the beauty of what ever political system they are praising. Never told the road they are going down is made from the bones of anyone that does not bow down. Godbless.

    • Bruce Smith
      Bruce Smith Ngày trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning fools and tools are gonna make things very unpleasant if they continue down that road, sad to say

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      Followed by either ignorant fools or evil tools

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      100% correct. It’s an evil ideology

  • Bruce Smith
    Bruce Smith Ngày trước

    Thanks Josh cool 😎 interview, she seems like a very informed lady as well. SMASHING

  • Ray Anderson
    Ray Anderson Ngày trước

    How much, if you don't mind answering, is long term care insurance for a 49 year old like you and I? It is something I think about as I get ready to retire in 6 years at 55. PS my wife will be 52 then.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      I think my wife and I pay ab 130 a month for our policies. But it's really contingent on what you get for your policy

  • Radnally
    Radnally Ngày trước

    His reverse mortgage book is a worthwhile read. I liked the strategy of getting the thing set-up at 62 and then letting the credit line grow with time. And making withdrawals when needed.

  • Alberto Santa Barbara County CA

    Debt to Income ratio to qualify for a HELOC is between 43% up to 50%. www.nerdwallet.com/blog/mortgages/what-are-the-requirements-for-a-home-equity-loan-and-heloc/ We are considering doing a video on this. Our approach would be scenario based similar to Dr. Pfau but closely looking at the true cost benefit. This is not only a number exercise IMHO. We also spoke to our mortgage broker about using IRA distributions as income in a HELOC. He said that lenders like to see about two years of steady distributions on this.

    • Alberto Santa Barbara County CA
      Alberto Santa Barbara County CA 10 giờ trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning So, HELOC is an alternative to reverse mortgage afterall...

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      DTI will be bank specific of course. I HIGHLY suspect there are few banks with that will grant terms with DTI near 50%. On a side note, I've read a few articles on Nerd Wallet lately that had me just shaking my head. If this article stated DTI of 50% is okay for a HELOC I will have to start doubting their financial understanding of things.

  • Robert Barry
    Robert Barry Ngày trước

    Check out Careington Care discount plan www.1dental.com/careington-dental-plan/

  • wanda H
    wanda H Ngày trước

    Ok, so I've always known I'd get the crap taxed outta me, my question is would it be a good idea to park my future social security check (age 68, 6 years from now my full is 66 4months) In a Roth IRA? Just direct deposit every month? Obviously it's been taxed already!🤔

    • wanda H
      wanda H 12 giờ trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning I'm on a public pension and have rent income. Banking my SS would be easy to do.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      do you have earned income? If so why not?

  • sean mann
    sean mann Ngày trước

    Josh made my life so less stressful!!

  • Mark Lofgren
    Mark Lofgren Ngày trước

    So to get 9% dividend yield I need a time machine to go back and get amgn at 54 bucks got it

    • Mark Lofgren
      Mark Lofgren 11 giờ trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning touche I like your channel thanks for the effort

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      or you can simply say, "Hmmmm.... buying say the SP 500 with we'll say a $1 per share dividend today at a price of $50 a share. which is a 2% yield Fast forward 20 years and now my dividend has grown to $4 a share. What's my dividend yield then? 8%. Has NOTHIGN at all to do with future share price.

  • Raj Beekie
    Raj Beekie Ngày trước

    Josh, I see how you are defining retirement. However, when people like me hear retirement it is interpreted as the end of making money because of need. For years, people retired and volunteered at local non-profits. Their passive income allowed them to pursue fun non paying activities. Personally, you can truly call yourself retired when passive income is at least 10% over expenses. To me, if you have to earn money, whether $1,000 or $10,000, to stay afloat you are not retired. Hopefully, you are having a fun time earning the money. Got the cliche from a financial advisor as it related to how much money one needs for retirement. His reply, "Money is like ammo. It is good to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."

  • Rexbo
    Rexbo Ngày trước

    EXCELLENT video Josh, Bravo my friend! I am having a hard time finding something to disagree about with you! haha On a serious note, the state of "higher education" (I use that term with disdain!) is sad, scary and downright dangerous to our way of life!

  • Heritage Wealth Planning
    Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

    Get his fascinating book Political Pilgrims here. vn-plus.com/kenh/A4NDvdqhusE A GREAT edition to any educated person's library.

  • steelvegas
    steelvegas Ngày trước

    Thanks for the video but the word "thunk" is not proper English. As a matter of facts it's not even an English word. The words you want up to use is, "..it's not what you have thought... " or " it is not what you think"

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      I am sure i said "thunk" in jest, my friend. Every now and again, I'll drop an "ain't" in there too. Hell sometimes I'll even say CRAPPY for someone's CRAPPY, old job. Are those things proper? Nah. But I imagine people get the meaning, which is ultimately all that matters

  • Muchas Cosas
    Muchas Cosas Ngày trước

    If you're married, then isn't it usual to name your current spouse as your primary beneficiary followed by your children as contingent beneficiaries? I realize there may be exceptions, but that's the way we do it in our family. Agree, confirm your beneficiary designations yearly as part of an annual financial review. Also suggest putting all important documents in one place so it's easier for the person handling your affairs to easily find all your accounts to begin the notification process.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      it's usual, yes. Then you get divorced and forget to change things. don't let that happen

  • cutehumor
    cutehumor Ngày trước

    Global warming is a hoax. oops, they changed it to "climate change" because the earth is actually not warming but cooling the last decade or so. I heard the United Nations make wealthy countries pay a "carbon tax" as a penalty and give this money to poor countries when carbon dioxide levels are high. It's wealth redistribution. Remember Al's Gore documentary the inconvenient truth in 2006, didn't he say scientists said if we didn't act by 2020 or some bogus date, the ice glaciers would be all gone. All fake news. These are the same scientist who don't believe in GOD. It just shows how "dumb" they are. Matthew 11: 25 1 Corinthians 1:27

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      I'll believe in Global Warming the minute the biggest fear mongers of it happening stop flying airplanes.

  • Alberto Santa Barbara County CA

    Good interview exchange. I am surprised how much we have in common. From the poverty to grunt life to raising a family. Of course, I graduated high in my High School class and always been a learner from everything and every where. One thing I wanted to point out is that there is now a qualified widow IRS tax bracket. Not sure if you seen it but here is a link to a fool article about it. www.fool.com/taxes/2019/03/25/how-widows-and-widowers-can-get-a-much-needed-tax.aspx

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      I did a video on this last year. I'll do another as I just received a question specific to this situation

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 12 giờ trước

      qualifying widow has been around for years. a LOT of people think this is for a WIDOW without realize the "QUALIFYING" part of it.

  • Ramdino Roaming the Trails

    Have had folks like the personal capital app try to convince me to fork over 1.5% if my portfolio annually for robo investing. And I do not have anything close to a mil. So they prey on us little guys too.

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    It's not a "regressive" tax. It's becoming "less progressive." For a tax to qualify as regressive, a tax payer's share of income paid in tax must decrease as their income increases. That isn't the case here.

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    I'm constantly amazed by real world examples and the difference that advanced tax planning with a frugal lifestyle makes. We have similar numbers but are 5+ years younger than "Timmy" with no pensions. Currently we're working our tax plan to convert all of our tax deferred accounts to our Roth IRA accounts slowly over time and completely tax free...this year I was able to convert $16k and make new contributions of $10.5k, with another 20+ years to go (God willing). If the example couple would lower their expenses they could work a similar plan but with as large of a 401k balance as they have not nearly as effectively. Frankly at roughly 3 times our income I'm surprised that they don't have far more assets than they do. If you think about it, a higher income can be a bit of a prison. Social pressure to spend more to keep up with associates and neighbors, higher taxes that push you into putting far too much into tax deferred accounts which creates a far larger tax problem in the future and far less flexibility with a loss of lower income tax incentives. Imagine the benefits of finding the sweet spot that maximizes your tax savings and free time simply by working less. Look at the taxes these two will pay over the next 20 years...$450K easily, maybe more depending upon tax changes and let's not forget what they've already paid over their working careers, it's madness. We'll end up in the same place without all the taxes. I'm also not a fan of reverse mortgages, bad deals and they can kick you out of your home if you miss an insurance payment or don't keep the property up to their standards, something that can happen as you age. I think they're overestimating the amount they can get as well, but to each their own.

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    Walk into any hospital in America with no ID and tell them you're an illegal immigrant. You'll be just fine.

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    I just checked mine and they correctly list my wife and kids as the beneficiary. Weird but for some reason my wife’s policies all list some guy named “Miguel”.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      +James Dillinger in the army we called him Jody.... Must have changed his name to be more diverse!

    • James Dillinger
      James Dillinger Ngày trước

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    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

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    Hey Josh! Just watched Danielle's interview with you, she posted it today, I believe it was on the 1st. Good job! She's only got 3000 subscribers, what's up with that! I subscribed to her channel, looks like her specialty is Medicare, I can use some help with that. I left her a comment about how much you've done for me. She probably doesn't believe what I said, I told her that I'm 56 and studying up for retirement. Also that I've learned more from you in 2 short months than all I've learned about finance my whole life, and j wasn't Joshing her 😆,it's TRUE, thanks I appreciate it. You guys ought to pair up more often, she gets a lot out of you in a short amount of thim. Truly enjoyed it! Dave H.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      Thanks for the comment Dave. Oh yes indeed, I'll be interviewing Danielle shortly. Anything you want me to ask her?

  • Roel Requenez
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    After paying social security taxes all your life now this idiots want to double tax you again. This is thanks to Regan and Bill Clinton. They just should go back to what it was before-- You pay social security out of your paycheck once.

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    Ok, I admit I jumped around and forward on the 2nd part, but I'm guessing the answer was Yes, they can retire?

  • Rob W
    Rob W 2 ngày trước

    Josh, I know you hate bonds but a while back when you did your fund comparison I believed you declared Wellington the overall winner. That's a 65/35 stock/bond split. Does that mean you wouldn't consider it?

    • Rob W
      Rob W Ngày trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning thanks Josh!

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      no! I'd never speak ill of the Wellington Fund. It's a great fund. Just not for me. The issue is actually simple. Bonds just wont' give you the returns we've had the last 30-40 yrs. I'ts a mathematical impossibillity. So, looking at Wellington's wonderful performance over the last 40 yrs doesn't change the facts going forward and this is for ANY bond. Returns will be limited, volatility will remain, if not be higher. SO, for me, the alternative is to take what you would have had in bonds and simply move that to CDs.

  • Jon L
    Jon L 2 ngày trước

    I'm not clear as well as to what you were concluding.....that all stocks were the way to go, all bonds? Definitely heard that 60/40 wasn't best. Please clarify for us.

    • Susie AG Collins
      Susie AG Collins Ngày trước

      Yes I’m not sure what to do either. I’m 60 /40. Hmmmmm

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 2 ngày trước

      the barbell approach is my favorite. 3-4 years of laddered cds. the rest index stock funds.

  • Brad
    Brad 2 ngày trước

    Yeah. We get that higher returns mean more money over the long haul lol. The problem is getting caught with your pants down when you’re 75 and you lose 60% or whatever. You can’t seriously be suggesting everyone just be 100% in stocks no matter what 😳😂

    • Brad
      Brad Ngày trước

      Susie AG Collins. It means buying cd’s of different durations. You would place the same amount in say a 1 year, 2 year, 3 year cd etc. so that every year you’ll have access to a portion of your money and if not needed then you can reinvest at the new and hopefully higher rates.

    • Brad
      Brad Ngày trước

      Assuming you have 750k in your savings and 3-4 years is 150k, then you’re saying 80% stocks 20% cash. If I can get twice the return on my bonds than the cash isn’t a 60/40 with bonds a similar return to what you’re suggesting with less volatility? If I’ve only got 500k then you’re suggesting almost 30% cash...🤔

    • Susie AG Collins
      Susie AG Collins Ngày trước

      Heritage Wealth Planning so what is laddering CDs mean?

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 2 ngày trước

      3-4 years of laddered cds, the rest in stocks. Simple. and cheap.

  • Silvermanna
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    Yes! I reviewed my Beneficiaries 2 months ago & found 1 of my long time Life Ins. policies had my sister as beneficiary. (bought policy before getting married & 3 kids) You need to do a vid on getting a parents name removed from adult children's bank account: My brother-in-law died last year and one of his daughters still had his name on her account. She got whalloped with PA tax.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning Ngày trước

      +Silvermanna yup, that ole PA inheritance tax! Indeed. NOONE believes this, yet, the proof is the many people who ended up paying it. I'm doing a video on this today becasue it ticks me off so much

    • Silvermanna
      Silvermanna 2 ngày trước

      +Heritage Wealth Planning Yes. I guess that would have to be it. They tried to get out of it... but the powers that be took their full 'cut'. ( I guess my niece had a few $1000 in her checking & the state came in and claimed a %, just because her father's name was still on account from when they first opened the account during her teenage years)

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 2 ngày trước

      inheritance tax?

  • Alberto Santa Barbara County CA

    Yes!!!! We just finished dealing with putting my Dad's into a nursing home. 9 different bank accounts under 9 different name variations. Most people do not realized you have various versions of your name in bank accounts, car title, social security, passport, drivers license, and more.

  • wanda H
    wanda H 2 ngày trước

    Thank you for making me feel better about not working after retirement. Your math was easy for me to follow and the cases were similar to mine.

  • rotagbhd
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    If you make this trade in November 2018, that option expires in 7 months and you will only get the dividends while you own the shares, which is half if their dividends pay quarterly. You will not get the dividends that pay after your shares get exercised.

    • rotagbhd
      rotagbhd 2 ngày trước

      You pay $93.79 per share and it has a $2.08 dividend at that time, 2.08/93.79 = 2.22% yield for YOUR shares, as long as you own them. The only way your yield can change is if Wal-Mart raises or cuts the dividend, or you buy more shares at a different price. If I bought the shares when you say the price falls to $75, MY yield would be 2.08/75 = 2.77% (Annual Dividend Amount) divided by (Price Paid Per Share) equals the yield for those shares.

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    BTW, last year we got a fed refund of $300 & ny state refund of 100. The account called. For 2018 we owe the feds 2000 and ny state 1750. SALT in the wounds of the middle class. Phuuuuuck.

    • Heritage Wealth Planning
      Heritage Wealth Planning 2 ngày trước

      better tell Cuomo to get his butt in gear and start lowering the taxes you all pay.