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Sex in Cinema - SNL
lượt xem 80 6419 giờ trước
Steve Martin Monologue with Bill Murray - SNL
lượt xem 12 8409 giờ trước
The Olympia Restaurant with Buck Henry - SNL
lượt xem 10 0619 giờ trước
The Pink Box - SNL
lượt xem 51 2109 giờ trước
The Hate Jennifer Show: Judy Miller - SNL
lượt xem 3 8179 giờ trước
Belushi Demands Cold Open - SNL
lượt xem 52 0289 giờ trước
Dancing in the Dark - SNL
lượt xem 15 2229 giờ trước
Coneheads Family Feud - SNL
lượt xem 60 1949 giờ trước
Landshark III - SNL
lượt xem 212 8746 giờ trước
Landshark - SNL
lượt xem 176 38316 giờ trước
The Laundromat - SNL
lượt xem 36 91011 giờ trước
Hard Hats - SNL
lượt xem 73 14111 giờ trước
Funeral - SNL
lượt xem 59 51511 giờ trước
The Farbers Meet The Coneheads - SNL
lượt xem 87 07817 giờ trước
Puberty Helper - SNL
lượt xem 56 70517 giờ trước
Household Hints - SNL
lượt xem 36 02711 giờ trước
Ouija - SNL
lượt xem 1 983 1225 giờ trước
Cut for Time: Retirement Party - SNL
lượt xem 1 105 9735 giờ trước
The View: Pete Buttigieg - SNL
lượt xem 2 152 2445 giờ trước
Leslie & Kyle - SNL
lượt xem 757 2985 giờ trước
Weekend Update: Trump's Iran Conflict Confusion - SNL
lượt xem 1 038 1085 giờ trước
Music Box - SNL
lượt xem 668 2875 giờ trước
Paul Rudd's Best Man Speech Monologue - SNL
lượt xem 566 6485 giờ trước
Paul Rudd Returns to SNL
lượt xem 277 82812 giờ trước
Cut for Time: Twinings Extreme - SNL
lượt xem 845 98712 giờ trước
Continuity Errors - SNL
lượt xem 1 036 48312 giờ trước
Weekend Update: Trump Lost Over $1 Billion - SNL
lượt xem 1 965 70712 giờ trước
Weekend Update: Mother's Day - SNL
lượt xem 882 38512 giờ trước
The Perfect Mother - SNL
lượt xem 3 451 59812 giờ trước
Fourth Jonas - SNL
lượt xem 803 86415 giờ trước
Cut for Time: Chad's Journey - SNL
lượt xem 2 267 03218 giờ trước
Romano Tours - SNL
lượt xem 1 909 06819 giờ trước
Weekend Update: William Barr's Senate Testimony - SNL
lượt xem 1 454 85319 giờ trước
Weekend Update: Opera Man Returns - SNL
lượt xem 2 058 71419 giờ trước
War Zone Reporter - SNL
lượt xem 1 253 58319 giờ trước
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser - SNL
lượt xem 788 7695 giờ trước
Canteen Boy Goes to a Garage Sale - SNL
lượt xem 725 374Tháng trước
The Herlihy Boy: Dog-Sitting Service - SNL
lượt xem 396 74214 phút trước
Zagat's with Hank & Beverly Gelfand - SNL
lượt xem 108 93514 phút trước
Weekend Update: Earth Day Song - SNL
lượt xem 317 878Giờ trước
Creating Saturday Night Live: Film Unit - SNL
lượt xem 178 1304 giờ trước
Wes Anderson Horror Trailer - SNL
lượt xem 1 317 6726 giờ trước
BTS: Mic Drop (Live) - SNL
lượt xem 10 290 78310 giờ trước
BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL
lượt xem 20 617 03510 giờ trước
Hobby Song - SNL
lượt xem 804 11310 giờ trước
Fashion Coward - SNL
lượt xem 2 000 65810 giờ trước
Emma Stone Four-Timers Monologue - SNL
lượt xem 960 00610 giờ trước
Creating Saturday Night Live: New HBO Shows - SNL
lượt xem 203 66012 giờ trước
Joe Biden Cold Open - SNL
lượt xem 3 957 17416 giờ trước
New Video Game - SNL
lượt xem 2 992 00916 giờ trước
Theresa May - SNL
lượt xem 1 672 91016 giờ trước
Weekend Update: Joe Biden's Inappropriate Touching - SNL
lượt xem 1 575 02317 giờ trước


  • Lois Sanborn
    Lois Sanborn 34 giây trước

    This feels like a Julio Torres.

  • Architecture Whisperer
    Architecture Whisperer 53 giây trước

    Just say no to the homosexual agenda.

  • Robert Jordan
    Robert Jordan Phút trước

    South Park already did it

  • j fitz
    j fitz 5 phút trước

    Internet= humorless thin skinned cry babies

  • Quentin Stoeckel
    Quentin Stoeckel 6 phút trước

    They're going to need a bigger clown car this time around

  • Sun Sun
    Sun Sun 8 phút trước


  • Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels.

    Tina Fey is sooooo sexy!

  • Kym Listing
    Kym Listing 8 phút trước

    Errybody pew pew!

  • brian wong
    brian wong 9 phút trước

    I can’t tell if their the same actors or not pls help

  • Ricardo Elias Saad Rivera
    Ricardo Elias Saad Rivera 9 phút trước

    The female version of Chad

  • Joseph Diesta
    Joseph Diesta 10 phút trước

    It’s funny how shallon breaks people

  • st niklaus
    st niklaus 10 phút trước

    Is it me or does Adam sandler use the same voice for every comedy role hes done.....ever

  • CourierZero
    CourierZero 12 phút trước

    This is the best family feud thing they've done

  • LSU615
    LSU615 12 phút trước

    Fattest pair of government agents ever...

  • The Nerd
    The Nerd 12 phút trước


  • Cee Irv86
    Cee Irv86 13 phút trước


  • Shea S
    Shea S 15 phút trước

    Waiting for: what is the cathode ray tube, or car, or clothes, or cooking food, or cell phone, or fucking everything in the world by white people? Case closed. Wakanda!

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 16 phút trước

    Chappelle for President 2020.

  • Carl Schleicher
    Carl Schleicher 16 phút trước

    "Bite the big one." Classic.

    MrDONTBESILENT 16 phút trước

    Barry the juicer Bonds stole Pujols 3 MVP

  • brookeawesome
    brookeawesome 18 phút trước

    I used scraps of wood from my house to make an obsticale'

  • Penny Carvin
    Penny Carvin 19 phút trước

    I wish this was a real movie

  • Tom Hazelton
    Tom Hazelton 21 phút trước

    That was painfully unfunny.

  • Snarlx BWrights
    Snarlx BWrights 22 phút trước

    love Eddie but this is silly

  • Cee Irv86
    Cee Irv86 22 phút trước

    Sounds like a Kenyan Muslim!💀💀💀

  • Phil Dawson
    Phil Dawson 23 phút trước

    I want to learn how to eradicate all liberal snowflakes

  • sabbracadabra
    sabbracadabra 23 phút trước

    Freckles all over her chest!

  • airwaydude '01
    airwaydude '01 24 phút trước

    Love Kate's face while she runs with the gun. It's like she's about to shoot some ducks

  • rfw1982
    rfw1982 24 phút trước

    Snl is fucking garbage and has been garbage for years now

  • Ray Sauter
    Ray Sauter 25 phút trước

    No one could ever replace John Belushi!

  • Davïd Rodd
    Davïd Rodd 25 phút trước


  • Boycott the Sultan of Brunei's hotels.

    perfect American public school history class.

  • Jonathan Pal
    Jonathan Pal 26 phút trước

    #CKY did it first

  • Jorge Flores
    Jorge Flores 26 phút trước

    I thought Ronda Rousey was Jennifer Tilly in the thumbnail.

  • Millicent Bystander
    Millicent Bystander 28 phút trước

    Lol why is SNL famous this skit was trash and the acting was awful Love you tho C Hemmy

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen 28 phút trước

    if you think the final kiss was hot, wait until the post credit scene :D

  • Elliot Boatey
    Elliot Boatey 29 phút trước

    I am sure they have a lot of fun when acting

  • Mr. TEABag
    Mr. TEABag 29 phút trước

    3:46 - 3:59 Looks off camera to read her lines

  • Richard Ball
    Richard Ball 30 phút trước

    "He was reading scripture in bed... but his pants were around his ankles and there was SHIT Everywhere!" 😱😂😂😂😂

  • Lily Rose M.
    Lily Rose M. 32 phút trước

    The poor wife.. she looked so sad.

  • Drew Weber
    Drew Weber 32 phút trước

    The general premise of this skit isn’t really funny, but the people are... when they aren’t in this skit. I’m sorry but I’m my opinion Snl isn’t funny...

  • Daniel Julian
    Daniel Julian 34 phút trước

    This is the most painful thing I've ever watched. Which is what this is designed to create. I hope more ppl see what the creators built.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 35 phút trước


  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan 36 phút trước

    I love her

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva 37 phút trước

    Handsy hank, gangbang greg, douggie one-nut (aka donkey dong doug) and squee all just got brutally dragged through the dirt on this one. I demand justice for them!

  • Jaydakai Price
    Jaydakai Price 37 phút trước

    I got an ad for a Showtime free trial before this

  • Anna O'Leary
    Anna O'Leary 37 phút trước

    if I ever became a high school us history teacher this is the shit id show idc

  • Bobby Fields
    Bobby Fields 40 phút trước

    WOW! This skit aged like milk.

  • brian ritter
    brian ritter 44 phút trước

    How do they get off calling trump a nazi. Disgraceful. I get you dont like him but that's way to far. Just a bunch of spoiled babies that didn't get their way.

  • IIIlllBravo
    IIIlllBravo 44 phút trước

    Who wrote this sketch .. a 9 th grader

  • Keanna Lautenbach
    Keanna Lautenbach 45 phút trước

    I. Need. More.

  • Cee Irv86
    Cee Irv86 45 phút trước


  • Blaze Carlton
    Blaze Carlton 46 phút trước

    I need this

  • Alpha Red
    Alpha Red 47 phút trước

    I didn’t wanna wake him up

  • samcap 156342
    samcap 156342 47 phút trước

    S.N.L. is so #funny😀😂😃😄 best producing funniest show in 2018-2019 #Iloveit ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Kiran Prakash
    Kiran Prakash 49 phút trước

    Vietnam part was funny...!

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly 49 phút trước

    I was born in the month of milk farts.

  • Damilola Obembe
    Damilola Obembe 50 phút trước

    Sounds exactly like his brother Ben

  • Cee Irv86
    Cee Irv86 51 phút trước

    "Show me keep em off the pole!"😂😂😂 Edit: "Forgot to pull out!"💀💀💀

  • Naughtysauce
    Naughtysauce 51 phút trước

    These days the crowd would be completely silent and Will would have to make a televised apology the next night.

  • Jeff Wixted
    Jeff Wixted 52 phút trước

    Glad I'm not the only one who finds Keith Morrison creepy.

  • Keanna Lautenbach
    Keanna Lautenbach 54 phút trước

    Dierdre is a lesbian

  • Blaze Carlton
    Blaze Carlton 54 phút trước

    Mulaney.. 😂😂

  • elliotkinney420
    elliotkinney420 57 phút trước


  • Alpha Red
    Alpha Red 57 phút trước

    Everyday or whatever?

  • Swan Mega
    Swan Mega 57 phút trước

    "Mediterranean charisma." 😂🤣

  • Biggie Cheese Boi
    Biggie Cheese Boi 57 phút trước

    No, YOUR mom talks to Megan Fox.

  • Flippy/Fliqpy
    Flippy/Fliqpy 57 phút trước


  • Hendrix Pluto
    Hendrix Pluto 58 phút trước

    "That's on you"😂😂

  • Vincent Constantine
    Vincent Constantine 59 phút trước

    So did SNL bite this from key and peele or did key and peele bite this from SNL

  • legacy37
    legacy37 Giờ trước

    Now I know where the phrase "spit balling " came from

  • Riya Patel
    Riya Patel Giờ trước

    Why shape eye brows ? Not good on a man

  • Lana Poulliot
    Lana Poulliot Giờ trước

    Bwah ha ha I'm old enough to remember these

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore Giờ trước

    I don't live in Iowa, but if I did, I would be offended.

  • JackDaBoss573
    JackDaBoss573 Giờ trước

    The dog has a smarter governmental opinion than the humans

  • mamc1986
    mamc1986 Giờ trước

    Bobby looks so cute in this!

  • Bonnie Huckleberry
    Bonnie Huckleberry Giờ trước


  • Alpha Red
    Alpha Red Giờ trước

    Wait, when was Meghan McCain on the show?

  • THEEND4444
    THEEND4444 Giờ trước

    I want to know what the “almost” is!

  • interesting.
    interesting. Giờ trước

    6:54 he closes the champagne and she goes silent, like it was mean to mean something. 😁

  • Jim The EDC Guy
    Jim The EDC Guy Giờ trước

    Louie looks like he just got done jerking off in front of someone.

  • Scott Hart
    Scott Hart Giờ trước

    Even in the womb, the child is a different person from the mother

  • chris madsen
    chris madsen Giờ trước

    Iguanas are the best

  • Emily DiCarlo
    Emily DiCarlo Giờ trước

    colin laughing at 2:42 makes my sides hurt XD God bless America

  • Musique61414
    Musique61414 Giờ trước

    This really happened in my house.

  • Oddities e-Club Magazine
    Oddities e-Club Magazine Giờ trước

    This show used to be funny

  • 8Rincewind
    8Rincewind Giờ trước

    Who's the women supposed to be at 2:12?

  • Oddities e-Club Magazine
    Oddities e-Club Magazine Giờ trước

    Didn’t this show used to be funny?

  • patty109109
    patty109109 Giờ trước

    This skit missed an obvious opportunity to have his nana hobble in with a busted leg.

  • Piyush Ingle
    Piyush Ingle Giờ trước

    Name of song on the stereo?

  • Charles the dancer
    Charles the dancer Giờ trước

    0:22 I'm gonna g... I'm gonna gettem

  • Mark Youneva
    Mark Youneva Giờ trước

    Plot twist, the entire cast are PhD's and the guys are all about he pronouns, and the girls are all about the long dissertations

  • Ben Dova
    Ben Dova Giờ trước

    His name should be Niggin

  • The real Brandon’s random videos

    Damn antman be cheating on wasp

  • Elise Bauer
    Elise Bauer Giờ trước

    Sometimes I forget Alec isn't Trump

  • jen wavyy
    jen wavyy Giờ trước

    “and their skin is bright red under their makeup” im part irish and i feel attacked

  • interesting.
    interesting. Giờ trước

    What is transgender?

  • Shaniqua Noble
    Shaniqua Noble Giờ trước

    This was not funny at all, lame

  • Yassine Trabelsi
    Yassine Trabelsi Giờ trước

    This is so me talking about my friends life crazy af

  • TheBrianp1
    TheBrianp1 Giờ trước

    I know joke is joke, but heteros can't skate. Have they never heard of the 'ockey on da 'hice?