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Game of Thrones S8E01 Explained
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Wonders of the world of Game of Thrones
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East: the strangest places in Game of Thrones?
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Westworld S2E01 Explained
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Westworld Season 2 Trailer Explained
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Annihilation Explained
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Westworld Season 2 Super Bowl Ad Explained
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Westworld Season 1 Explained
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Does Robb Stark die twice?
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Kingslayer: how will Jaime's story end?
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Will Tyrion lose his tongue?
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Game of Thrones S7E07 Explained
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Game of Thrones S7E06 Explained
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Game of Thrones S7E05 Explained
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Game of Thrones S7E03 Explained
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Game of Thrones S7E02 Explained
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Game of Thrones S7E01 Explained
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Lioness: how will Cersei’s story end?
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Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Explained
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Game of Bones Explained
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Game of Thrones Seasons 1-6 in 5 Minutes
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Stranger Things Season 1 Explained
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Will Sansa marry Jon Snow?
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What do Daenerys' Undying visions mean?
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Game of Thrones S6E08 Explained
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Game of Thrones S6E07 Explained
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Game of Thrones S6E06 Explained
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Game of Thrones S6E05 Explained
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Game of Thrones S6E04 Explained
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Game of Thrones S6E03 Explained
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Game of Thrones S6E02 Explained
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Game of Thrones S6E01 Explained
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Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer #2 Breakdown
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Hodor: Hodor? [Hodor]
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Red Wizard: what's up with Thoros?
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Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Breakdown
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Spider: what's Varys up to?
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Will Timett rule the Vale?
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Star Wars: the Original Trilogy - in 7 Minutes
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Jojen Paste: does Bran eat Jojen?
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What's up with Coldhands?
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Others: what do we know about the white walkers?
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"No one": how will Arya Stark's story end?
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Will Jon Snow return?
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Robert Strong: what's Qyburn up to?
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Greyscale: what are the stone men?
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What's up with Quaithe?
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Does Oberyn poison Tywin?
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Who is Azor Ahai?
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Hamlet - in 4 Minutes
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"Fire cannot kill a dragon": can Dany be burned?
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HS=HR: is the High Sparrow secretly Howland Reed?
lượt xem 1 533 0194 năm trước


  • DogFaced Boy
    DogFaced Boy 9 giây trước

    I had run into the question that transcends all else, and that is: Why the HELL doesn't SOMEONE ask Bran what's going to happen? I mean.... duh. Ummm... well, DUH?

  • J Egner
    J Egner Phút trước

    Great as always.

  • D B
    D B 3 phút trước

    Robb is too much of a dumbass to be given the honor of warging.a centipede let alone a direwolf.

  • bannor216
    bannor216 4 phút trước

    except no one bowed for Jon Snow when he showed up at winterfell

  • Aruon Hagn
    Aruon Hagn 6 phút trước

    IMHO the real MAD KING is Joffrey Baratheon ....

  • Piotr Działak
    Piotr Działak 7 phút trước

    Jon will kill Daenerys

  • calpatt11
    calpatt11 9 phút trước

    Seems everyone is ignoring 6:50. P&Q showed that anyone stumbling out of a bar can ride a dragon. Just not very many. He said Lore... idk what that extends to but I figured more than Show.

  • Jens Jad
    Jens Jad 10 phút trước

    Your voice is so soothing.

  • Moisture
    Moisture 10 phút trước

    Why don't they make a dozen spears with the metal used for 1 sword? Makes more sense to me to mass produce valyrian weapons so more people can fight against the white walkers.

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 12 phút trước

    4:02 a tale of ice, fire, lions blood and bear claws. With an ice spider on the side. Sorry elephants were not in the budget.

  • thegreatgambeeno
    thegreatgambeeno 14 phút trước

    Anyone else see the alien at 14:42?

  • D B
    D B 14 phút trước

    This is the best GOT commentary channel, bar none. Thanks.

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 16 phút trước

    Yea youtube... You alert me of the muller report and 1 dollar vs 100 dollar challenges but alt shift x posts... And i have to come here out of curiosity to see if he even posts! Damn bell is USELESS

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson 20 phút trước

    Dany is definitely Azor Ahai... she fits all the descriptions.

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson 20 phút trước

    Roy Dotrice!

  • Scott Andrews
    Scott Andrews 24 phút trước

    I listened to that audiobook while on dragonback. Solid rec

  • Richard Hansen
    Richard Hansen 25 phút trước

    Hi Alt Shift X. Could it be that other GOT Vloggers are plagiarising your immediate post-screening 2 hour live-vlog for material for their own shows? If I review "Talking Thone's" content, it lines up a little too close to your own in terms of content and conclusions. A lot of his content was mentioned in your post-screening discussion. The faster producers are quick and dirty in comparison with your own content, which is more carefully crafted, and is better produced all-round,. I note the derisive comments on your feed regarding the production lag, and can only conclude that the majority of these are from people who either know nothing about what it takes to produce decent content, or who wish to needle you out of spite. In any case, - Ignore them, plot your own course and keep doing what you do so well. Nihil illegitemae carborundum.\

  • Franciumflourine
    Franciumflourine 25 phút trước

    I missed this angelic voice.

  • David Spiewak
    David Spiewak 25 phút trước

    Jon can’t be Azir Ahai, he should be the king, not the prince. Although a prince could refer to Bran maybe. That’s my theory, feel free to disprove it though.

  • bebe xsiete
    bebe xsiete 26 phút trước

    Jon knows very well that he did not need to bend the knee, Daenerys had agreed to help in the war and he bent the knee RIGHT AFTER, that was not based on politics that was his sentimentalism.

  • Antiscia Moore
    Antiscia Moore 27 phút trước

    Does anyone else think Qyburn's concern about the Night King and the fall of the wall is genuine? And his seeming confusion/disapproval of Cersei's reaction to said news a foreshadowing of something to come? I think Qyburn may turn on Cersei in the end. Not necessarily in a way where he kills her, but I do expect TNK to reach King's Landing (Dany's vision in Season 2 says as much), but that won't be Cersei's end. She'll retreat to Casterly Rock, Qyburn and the Mountain in tow. However, Qyburn may very well be the reason why Our Heroes (Arya, Sandor, maybe even Jaime, perhaps?) are allowed secret entry to kill her. Qyburn isn't a madman. He's a man of reason and science -- so rational, in fact, that he's actually right to do what he does (bringing The Mountain back from the brink of death without magic is pretty freaking amazing). I think of Qyburn like Dr. Frankenstein, who ends up being horrified by his own creation -- in this case, Cersei, for without him, Cersei wouldn't be the powerhouse that she is. Qyburn will let death befall Cersei for the betterment of all.

  • Docktor Jim
    Docktor Jim 27 phút trước

    Why didn't the White Walkers assimilate the wildlings long ago? Will some of the Children be wight children?

  • Annie DH
    Annie DH 29 phút trước

    Didn't Lyanna tell Ned they married? Why was he complicit with his buddy's rebellion if he knew the truth?

  • Heatwave619
    Heatwave619 30 phút trước

    Just because their tongues were removed doesn’t mean they can’t make a sound of yell or scream.

  • Buffy
    Buffy 30 phút trước

    Episode 3 - the end of the last Targaryens... they both die. Episode 6 - No One sits the Iron Throne

  • Glyn Parker
    Glyn Parker 32 phút trước

    This is awsum I understand so much more now 😃🖒

  • Mordor Lad
    Mordor Lad 34 phút trước

    Great video once again!

  • Sc00ba z
    Sc00ba z 36 phút trước

    damn is jon going to stab danny through the heart and make the flame sword. cus he's azor ahai? or is jaimie azor ahai and going to kill cersei lol

  • CollinSmithable
    CollinSmithable 37 phút trước

    Do you just watch other channels and then make a video based on those? And then state the obvious to get views from idiots who only watch each episode once

  • Andrew Korhonen
    Andrew Korhonen 38 phút trước

    Audible ad was as smooth as snow.

  • Mary Horton
    Mary Horton 38 phút trước

    JRRM knows nothing.

  • A skeleton trapped in a man body

    That entire dragon riding scene felt like something out of a harry potter movie. With the lack of any remaining source material the writing in this show is just getting internet-level bad. Where it's just fanservice and referencing for entire fucking episodes instead of wrapping up.

  • The Moral Pejorative
    The Moral Pejorative 38 phút trước

    How foretelling is Maester Aemon calling out "Aegon" and "egg" on his dying bed by the wall

  • Antiscia Moore
    Antiscia Moore 38 phút trước

    The line in the trailer spoken by Bran, "Everything you've done has led you here. Home." is spoken to Theon upon his return to Winterfell. I'd put money on it.

  • Oli Harding
    Oli Harding 40 phút trước

    we're back, baby! smooth transition at the end btw!

  • Jade Lu
    Jade Lu 41 phút trước

    the only valid GOT analysis channel

  • shegocrazy
    shegocrazy 41 phút trước

    Q about the wights. You mention they can be killed by "anything" however I've assumed it needs to be a head kill (as per the walking dead) if struck with an ordinary weapon. We have seen that they can be cut to pieces and still be animate. Is that fair to say? Also it's unsaid here but the wights can be killed if their creator WW is killed.

  • dwight schrute
    dwight schrute 42 phút trước

    -Jon kills Danny becomes azor ahai -Jon becomes the next night king in order to keep wights & whitewalker in the north beyond the wall -Thus completing there will always be a stark in the north

  • My Paper Life
    My Paper Life 42 phút trước

    I have a question that has been bothering me this past week! Maybe you can help me... wouldn’t there be a possibility of Jon snow asking Sam and Bran to NOT tell anyone about his true heritage? I ask this because... if Jon accepts and reveals who he really is, that’s it for the starks, isn’t it? Who will carry the family name? Sansa and Arya can’t. If they ever marry and have children, their children won’t carry the name stark. I don’t see bran marrying anyone and having children.... the future of the stark house is in Jon snow and the possibility of him being made legitimate by Royal decree. So many houses have died out already.... I honestly can’t see an ending to the show where House Stark is on the brink of extinction. What you think?

  • simon ridley
    simon ridley 44 phút trước

    I’ve never been able to work out your accent, after “rooting his aunt” it’s narrowed down to kiwi or aussie.

  • 2B
    2B 44 phút trước

    Ever since the show ran out of books to rely on, Tyrion became a caricature of himself. I wonder how his arc will end, because once he became hand of the queen, he just became uninteresting.

  • Markoosh
    Markoosh 44 phút trước

    Euron actor is a fugly with horrible acting skills. What the fuck were they thinking with they cast him. Then again D&D= Dumb and Dumber completely ruined Dorne so.... can't be shocked.

  • MS TheDev
    MS TheDev 48 phút trước

    S8E1, 8+1 = 9, 9 = 3x3, Half Life 3 confirmed!

  • Michael Placzek
    Michael Placzek 48 phút trước

    Uncle Ned!

  • 1987AnimeBoy
    1987AnimeBoy 50 phút trước

    It's interesting that you stated show Euron is like a Disney pirate, as I once suggested in Deviantart that Euron's actor could play Captain Hook should Disney want to adapt its Peter Pan animated movie for live action, here's the link:

  • Sebas Favaron
    Sebas Favaron 51 phút trước

    Alt Shift X, I'd like to add that we do not know if Qyburn was sent by Cercei. He may be plotting something of his own

  • J T
    J T 55 phút trước

    "It's hurting good, innocent people and Ed Sheeran." LMAO!

  • Jeffrey N. Carré
    Jeffrey N. Carré 56 phút trước

    ".. or in dragon back" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jizanthapus
    Jizanthapus 56 phút trước

    Cersei is just fucking retarded

  • beeehn
    beeehn 56 phút trước

    If "Azor Ahai (...) shall wake dragons out of stone" refers to Jon Snow rising from the crypts as a Targaryen, then this interpretation would point to Samwell, not Jon, because Sam is the one who wakes the dragon.

  • Terrence Walsh
    Terrence Walsh 56 phút trước

    Dany is stopped from taking the throne by SNOW.

  • Hunting Girl
    Hunting Girl 57 phút trước

    A 20min video explaining an episode where basically nothing happened

  • Ghosts
    Ghosts 59 phút trước

    “I’m waiting for an old friend”

  • Cortney
    Cortney 59 phút trước

    Thanks for explaining the title sequence art and highlighting what you were talking about. I’ve heard others explain it but the audio and visual was super helpful!

  • Typhoo Lannister
    Typhoo Lannister Giờ trước

    I hope we get a scene in the next episode of Arya sparring with Greyworm and she tells him how good he is, for him to be the first to die against the dead.

  • Taylor
    Taylor Giờ trước

    I think Bran will do a 180 and thank Jamie, because he now knows it was his destiny to be pushed out the window in order to become what he is now.

  • Triplerush
    Triplerush Giờ trước

    What the fuck is all this hate for Robb?

  • Eric Dean Campbell
    Eric Dean Campbell Giờ trước

    ummmm.... the spiral doesn't represent the night king's hate, it represents the spiral mountain.

  • Chan Tim
    Chan Tim Giờ trước

    I thought what Bran meant is that he is still a virgin and hence "Almost" a man?

  • mfmageRaids
    mfmageRaids Giờ trước

    The night king was likely not the first white walker, just FYI.

    • mfmageRaids
      mfmageRaids Giờ trước

      Also I think Raegar was Azor Ahai, John is Lightbringer.

  • Lachelle Lewis
    Lachelle Lewis Giờ trước

    The upside down cross is Saint Peter's cross re-purposed into a false symbol of blasphemy. Are you saying the Night King's an edgelord?

  • Sarah Hicks
    Sarah Hicks Giờ trước

    Congratulations on one million subscribers!

  • beeehn
    beeehn Giờ trước

    Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (no eyelids version)

  • Kah Yesaya
    Kah Yesaya Giờ trước

    Krombopulos Michael @14:41 lol

    NHMO OYTIS Giờ trước

    The Onion Knight = Azor Ahai. Born again out of the sea when Sallador Saan rescued him after the fiery battle on the bay at Kings Landing. He'll wake the stone dragons on on DRAGONSTONE. DUH.

  • Dylan Palmer
    Dylan Palmer Giờ trước

    In her vision, Daenerys doesn’t take the throne, but the throne is covered in snow. This is usually seen as a sign of the White Walkers, but maybe it’s meant as Jon Snow taking the throne.

  • Kah Yesaya
    Kah Yesaya Giờ trước

    Cersei has wildfire so she isn't scared of the white walkers lol

  • Ben Caine
    Ben Caine Giờ trước

    Lol jon snow is aegon 6th

  • Lady Vengeance
    Lady Vengeance Giờ trước

    Ok I have to step in here as all of this Team Sansa bullshit has to be brought back to earth. You said one Northern lord refusing to help Jon because he gave up the crown “proved Sansa’s point” and “made their family less powerful.” Except he returned with two fearsome armies and two fucking dragons. So you know what, trading that fat fuck for a massive army and mythical creatures-the family came out way ahead in terms of power. So her point wasn’t proven. In fact Jon’s point was proven: that petty shit doesn’t matter in the face of the Night King and his army of dead. And the fact that Sansa bitches about not having enough food-that is HER fucking failure. Jon told her he was leaving to ally with Dany, her army and her dragons so they could fight the army of the dead together. Sansa knew the plan, she knew she would need to feed more men. And if she didn’t, then she’s even dumber than she looks. She failed to prepare, and that’s on her. So let’s call it what it is.

  • veronicajade20
    veronicajade20 Giờ trước

    Why _shouldn’t_ Arya be able to get married and have children? Lyanna did.

    FRANC7 WOLFGANG Giờ trước

    you know good and well i dun ran outta books....I'm done lol

  • Kate Hill
    Kate Hill Giờ trước

    Love your thoughtful insights and careful analysis--and the style in which you present the information! You are one of the only two GoT breakdown/theory channels I will subscribe to! I am looking forward to Season 8 and will continue to explore all of videos more connected to the books....

  • Keovar
    Keovar Giờ trước

    The books are more detailed, but they're also too damn long and may never be finished. I barely remember things from the last two because it's hard to care about characters who'll probably be tortured to death, and if you can't be invested in the characters, all of the events become extra pointless. I enjoy fantasy, but apparently I'm not enough of a nihilist to actually enjoy the ASoIaF novels.

  • Christian Vennemann
    Christian Vennemann Giờ trước

    "Sam's dad was a cunt." That's putting it mildly. XD

  • Ieuan Hunt
    Ieuan Hunt Giờ trước

    The thing that pissed me off most about this episode is how easy it was to rescue Yara. Euron is fucking useless.

  • 24fretsoffury
    24fretsoffury Giờ trước

    Talk about the change of God’s Eye from an island to basically connected to Kings Landing in the new season intro. Huge, important, change from established maps. They changed it for time. NK won’t be at the battle for Winterfell, he’ll be taking Viserion down to Kings Landing, gathering that army, and onward to revenge the Children of the Forest that are left on the God’s Eye. Bet.

  • Cal Cugedhion
    Cal Cugedhion Giờ trước

    Slayed by the one true king

  • Marcus Sinclair
    Marcus Sinclair Giờ trước

    I think when Bran said to Jon he's almost a man it meant since he's crippled and that he could never be a full man.

  • mmdehnmm
    mmdehnmm Giờ trước

    It's easy to listen to audiobook when you're in the car, on the train, or on dragon back....

    NHMO OYTIS Giờ trước

    Finding it hard to give a shit so I'm watching this instead of the episode itself.

  • Sherry E. Reson
    Sherry E. Reson Giờ trước

    And the man he thought was his father was, in fact, his uncle. And protector.

  • SirAntoniousBlock
    SirAntoniousBlock Giờ trước

    Glover is nothing but a cowardly traitor.

  • bairdduvessa
    bairdduvessa Giờ trước

    I think the spiral is more important, it symbolizes something more. I've seen people mentioning that it looks like the Targaryen symbol, but it also looks like the Karstark symbol which the show made sure we got to see. Perhaps it represents time, or the sun dying

  • MisterPayneS
    MisterPayneS Giờ trước

    “Sams dad was a cunt...” lmao

  • blueberry smasher
    blueberry smasher Giờ trước

    I tried listening to the audiobooks when riding my dragon, but damn Airpods keep blowing off.

  • subseven
    subseven Giờ trước

    2:45 More like Valyrian Steal, am I right???

  • Heygamer
    Heygamer Giờ trước

    Branuel Koch

  • Acer-ex Alaan
    Acer-ex Alaan Giờ trước

    I thought you'd mention anything about that "old friend" that bran was waiting. I really think it's Howland Reed and not Jaime. Or maybe am just thinking more about it and it really was jaime he's referring. Anyways, thank you for this amazing vid!

  • man0z
    man0z Giờ trước

    The balls, dicks, cocks, pussy references really shows the Jewish influence on the writing in the later seasons

  • Kevin Chang
    Kevin Chang Giờ trước

    I understand Lyanna was supposed to marry Robert, but why couldn't Rhaegar and Lyanna just say "Hey we're in love, sorry Robert, sorry Elia, that's just the way it is" and make it clear Lyanna was not abducted. Robert and the Martell's would've been pissed but that's it, I don't think it would've led to full on rebellion, even if Aerys was a bad King.

  • Relaxm8
    Relaxm8 Giờ trước

    If we dont see the night king riding on the back of a dragon destroying armies and fucking bitches then i dont even know what this show is anymore

  • Kevin Chang
    Kevin Chang Giờ trước

    I understand Lyanna was supposed to marry Robert, but why couldn't Rhaegar and Lyanna just say "Hey we're in love, sorry Robert, sorry Elia, that's just the way it is" and make it clear Lyanna was not abducted. Robert and the Martell's would've been pissed but that's it, I don't think it would've led to full on rebellion, even if Aerys was a bad King.

  • man0z
    man0z Giờ trước

    When did Jon become King?, serious question, I forgotted

  • Martin Ruf
    Martin Ruf Giờ trước

    Prepare for unforeseen consequences.

  • fwekesha
    fwekesha Giờ trước


  • Victoria Black
    Victoria Black Giờ trước

    Been waiting for this ever since I saw the episode 😊

  • Ryan Goodman
    Ryan Goodman Giờ trước

    Now, this season’s plot seems a bit murky. But, we are up a frog’s anus, so bear with me.

  • Neltins
    Neltins Giờ trước

    Wtf, lmao Alt Shift X is a funny bastard. "There have been lots of talks of balls and ds and ... every since the book material has ended? OMEGALUL

  • Brian Dubya
    Brian Dubya Giờ trước

    I mean, arya didnt lie about only using needle once or twice lol most of her killing wasn't done with needle.

  • pebre79
    pebre79 Giờ trước

    Lets not forget that Arya and Sansa's mother was a Tully, so Jon is just as much a Stark as the two them